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Inflammatory bowel disease vs irritable bowel disease

Let meintroduce you to Frank. Now, for most of the last year, Frank's digestive system, it's just not been feeling quite right. He's been having intermittent, although fairly frequent abdominal pain as well as irregular bowel movements. And at times he's not ableto have a bowel movement.

Then at other times he's beenhaving them very frequently. And he was telling a closefriend about these symptoms. And his friend said, you know, Frank, I was watching something on TV, and I heard about this condition. I'm not exactly sure,but I think it was called something like irritable bowel disease. And it sounds somewhat similarto what you're experiencing.

Perhaps you should go see a . So Frank goes to see his . And he says, you know,doc, I think I have IBD. And Frank's says, youknow, I'm sorry to hear that. Please tell me why youthink you may have IBD. And as he's relatingthese symptoms to her, she thinks to herself, youknow, I wonder if he means IBS instead of IBD.

And so his responds, Frank, you know, I'm concerned you may have a condition known as irritable bowel syndrome, which is commonly referred to as IBS. And Frank says, isn't that IBDé And his replies,that's a common mistake. Unfortunately, there aretwo different conditions with very similar acronyms.

They are irritable bowel syndrome or IBS and inflammatory bowel disease or IBD. Let's learn about the differences between IBS and IBD. So let's start on the left here with irritable bowel syndrome or as it's more commonly referred to, IBS. But what exactly is a syndromeé

To help get a better idea,let's think about a car. Now, imagine that something is just not quite right with your car. So you take it into the auto shop. And you tell the mechanic, you know, there's this rattlingsound under the hood. And the car has poor acceleration, and the check engine light is on.

The Try Guys Try Korean Cooking Kpop Part 3

Keith and I are chefs, but not Korean. Right. Eugene is Korean, but not a chef. So, how is that going to doé (splatter) Oh! (laughs) Zach! (upbeat music) I think there is a growinginterest in Korean cuisine

because the popular culture introduced it in such a delicious manner. What do you doé I am Hyosun Ro. I am the Korean mom. You're the Korean momwe've always wanted to have. Reallyé Family members eating around the table,

that's when many conflicts emerge. Keith and Ned had mom, so Eugene's going to be my mom. I'm not going to be your mom. So, I got mom here helping me out I am not your mom. Consumption of food isnot just something that your body needs, but it's something that,

also, your emotion needs. Okay, today we'regoing to make dukbokki. Dick pokey. (Eugene laughs) Dukbokki is a numberone street food in Korea. Have you never had duck beforeé This is ducké I've had duck before.

It's not the birdduck, it's a rice cake. That's a different kind of cake. It tastes like string cheesethat rolled under the couch. So, mom, what's the first stepé Not your mom. First thing we need to dois to make anchovy broth. Anchovy broth. Are you freaked out by little fishé

I'm not freaked out by it. Put the whole thing in your mouth. (Zach mumbles)There you go. Nedé Yeahé Do you want to do your jobé Sure. I didn't realize I had a job.

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