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How to Treat IBS Naturally

Hey guys, Axe here, of naturalmedicine. In this training tutorial, I'm going to talk to you about IBS natural treatmentsand the IBS diet. And IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and I'm going to go throughthe four steps, specifically including diet, what foods not to eat, supplements and lifestyleon how you can heal IBS syndrome. And I've worked with thousands of patients who havestruggled with IBS and laid out natural treatment plans for them, and I've seen them overcomeit. So I know you can as well, if you're a person or have a family member strugglingwith this condition. So first let's start off talking about whatfoods you have to stay away from if you have

IBS. Number one is going to be gluten. Ifyou are consuming gluten, that inflammatory protein and grain products that can causeIBS and I recommend for my patients with IBS at the start, for them to stay away from allgrain products, especially wheat products, but all grains to start. Now, later on aboutthree to nine months into care, sometimes they can add in some sprouted grains or sourdoughgrains. But from the start, that first three months, going completely grainfree is important. Also staying away from casein or conventionaldairy products. Lactose, the sugar in dairy, in casein, can be problematic. Now doing kefiron the other hand, can be greatly beneficial

or a fermented dairy product, but regulardairy products, especially milk, can be absolutely destructive for IBS. Some of the other things you want to be carefulof and stay away from with IBS are pretty obvious, hydrogenated oils. Those cause intestinalinflammation. Also, raw foods. That's right. Salads, raw fruits and vegetables and rawfruits can really damage the gut if you have IBS. So you really only want to be consumingcooked foods. Also, stay away from cold foods. Ice water, ice cream, anything that's coldis actually hard on the digestive system. Then of course, any processed food, refinedfood, packaged food, get those out of the

diet if you have IBS. Now, here are the top healing foods for IBSor the IBS diet. On the IBS diet you want to consume foods that really nourish the colonas well as nourish the spleen. The first category is going to be white immune boosting foods.So again, white foods, think cauliflower, onions and garlic. Cauliflower steamed isvery easy to digest. Garlic and onions when they're well cooked are great for killingoff bad bacteria in the gut, and also have immune boosting benefits. The other group of foods is going to be foodsthat nourish the spleen and that is especially

going to be squashes. Things like butternutsquash, sweet potatoes in some instances, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, but doingsquash is very nourishing to the spleen and to the colon as well. And then in generaldoing a lot of bone broth soup. Bone broth contains amino acids, proline and glycine,which make up collagen which helps to repair and heal the intestinal lining. So bone brothshould be the number one super food you consume to help heal IBS. On an IBS diet, the perfect meal is whereyou get out a Crock Pot, you put in some organic meat, whether that's beef or chicken. Thenyou're going to add in bones, you're going

to do the broth itself along with the organicmeat and then also vegetables, things like squash in there, celery and carrots are great.Onions are great in there. But doing a bone broth soup for most of your meals is one ofthe fastest ways to help you heal from IBS and a great part of an IBS diet. Step 3 in healing IBS is taking the rightsupplements. I recommend number one, to get a quality probiotic supplement into your dietand the problem is 90% of most probiotic supplements today are dead by the time you take them.So take a live probiotic supplement. They contain several things. Number one, againgood quality probiotics like lactobacillus

Brandeis IBS Faculty Profile Judith Dean

gt;gt; I've spent a number of years in the Office of Economics in the Research Division of the U.S. International Trade Commission. Some of my most recent work which I did while at the ITC takes a look at the whole phenomenon

of global supply chains in production and asks the question whether or not China's participation in those chains could actually have beneficial effects for its environment; sort of cleaning

up its industries and making it a cleaner exporter in the global marketplace. I love the diversity of the student body with students from all over the world. This is.this really makes

for a thrilling classroom in my opinion and it was something I was looking for again and happy to find here. One of the most attractive parts of the school are the students. I really enjoy talking with them

and getting their perspective, particularly because they come from so many countries with so much experience. And so many times, even in the classroom, we'll be talking about an issue and a student will say,

quot;That's my country and I lived through that; let me tell you what it was like.quot; So I think the students themselves are the real.the most fine asset that IBS has to offer in addition

Brandeis International Business School World Ready

There's a reason it's called thebusiness world Policy changes in one country canproduce seismic shifts on the other side of the globe. Yesterday's fastgrowing superpower canbecome tomorrow's stalled economy. You can take classes and develop skillsat many business schools around the globe, but at the end of the day will you truly be world readyƩ

Only Brandeis International BusinessSchool deliveries the global reach and intellectual depth that comes from beingpart of the nationallyranked liberal arts research university. Located just a short drive from thevibrant city of Boston, experienced academics and real worldpractitioners teach the latest concepts in business, economics, andfinance to a diverse student body coming from over sixty countries. Study abroadopportunities and immersion programs provide handson experience in foreigneconomies. Specializations in asset

management, marketing, sustainability, and more, give studentsa leg up in a competitive job market. And our career team offers personalizedsupport, highprofile connections, and networking opportunities for students. One of the things that drew me to IBS isdiversity and global focus. I'm interested to learn more about the worldnot a single country in particular. And I felt that the curriculum is diversified enough to digest about the global community. Brandeis is great aboutproviding opportunities for students to

be contributing members to a global economy.And that we understand that our business decisions as individuals affectthe global ecosystem. I think all of the professors I've had here are really experts in their field.A lot of them have had their own businesses and bring that experience into the classroom. I think quot;world readyquot; is the ability to be flexible andadaptable to the economy of today.

Having the business, economics, andfinancethese three focus areas really gives you this holistic view ofmanagementmanage at different types of companies,manage different types of products. You will be challenged, surprised, informed, and ultimately prepared to hit the ground running inyour careers, adding immediate value to the companiesyou work for, lead,

and create. The question is: Are you reading to beworld readyƩ.

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