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How To Reverse And Cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome Within Days

Thank you for tuning into this tutorial today.This tutorial is going to be a comprehensive tutorial about irritable bowel syndrome. Irritablebowel syndrome is a condition that I've seen now for almost 30 years in the , a long,long time. It's quite a common complaint that affects probably between 10 to 15 percentof the population in the western world at any given time.It's not uncommon to get patients in with functional bowel disturbances. In fact, theyprobably make up about 10 percent of what a medical practitioner would see in his orher at any given time and probably account for about 50 percent of all the casesthat a gastroenterologist or bowel specialist

would see. Let's just first look at the signs and symptomsthat encompass irritable bowel syndrome. The typical signs and symptoms that we would seewould be bloating and gas. There could be all sorts of uncomfortable sensations in thegut. There could be spasms or cramping sensations, constipation and diarrhea, particularly alternatingconstipation and diarrhea, are common with irritable bowel syndrome. What's not common, however, is to see a patientwho's bleeding from the bowel or have anemia, low iron counts, or would have fevers. Sweatsat night. Those sorts of things that don't

tend to really be irritable bowel syndrome.I would refer you go to a gastroenterologist for scoping because you may have inflammatorybowel syndrome, which is a separate complaint. That's an autoimmune disease. It's less commonthan irritable bowel syndrome, but we still see it in the quite regularly, particularlyulcerative colitis, which would be the feature of another entire tutorial that I'll do at somestage. It's interesting when I went to America in2003 for some training, I heard Alan Gaby speaking. Alan Gaby is a past presidentof the American Holistic Medical Association, and Gaby calls IBS a quot;garbage can diagnosis.quot;Garbage can diagnosis is a condition he believes

is the one where the s throw peoplein a rubbish tin and hope that someone else will take it away because they're in the quot;toohardquot; basket. Functional complaints like adrenal fatigue, Candida diagnosis, irritable bowelsyndrome; these are what Gaby calls a garbage can diagnosis. I would tend to agree because it's very easyto see a patient in a fiveminute time slot and then say to the patient, quot;Well, we'llrun all the tests. But if we can't find anything, we might give you an antidepressant. Or ifit's irritable bowel syndrome (which I see a lot), we'll just put you on a fiber supplement.quot;So that's a bit of a cop out because western

medical s don't tend to really be interestedin looking at causes of conditions. They'd rather treat the symptoms that are presenting.Which is really unfortunate for the patient because if a patient has had a functionalbowel complaint for many years, that can lead to anxiety and depression. And not only that,if a functional bowel complaint goes on for a long, long period of time, that can evenlead to diseases in its own right, many types of conditions. Let's now explore the four main causes thatI would tend to see a lot with irritable bowel syndrome. I'm just going to grab my note sheethere. The common ones I would see with patients

would be allergies. Allergies are quite common.We'll go into that in a minute. Bugs, all kinds of bugs patients can present with, whichcan often cause IBS. We're looking at Candida or parasites, small intestinal bowel overgrowth.Stress is a really big one. Stress is often not spoken about with the bowel. And intolerances.Let's clearly understand that food intolerances and food allergies are two entirely differentthings. People often get them confused. Allergies are associated with the immune system. Andthe common allergies I would see with IBS would be dairy allergies, probably numberone. Hyman on YouTube, and many other s,believe that gluten's the big one, but I don't

New undergraduate business program among most popular at Brandeis

The evolution of the undergraduatebusiness major was very much inspired by students. My entire life, I've wanted to major in business. As far as I can remember. And it's been the one thing I've wanted to study. But at the same time, I wanted the opportunity to study otherthings. I wanted to have a wider knowledge. That's a very powerful combination, whenstudents here can take business and science, or internationalglobal studies and business, or fine arts and business.

Alright, business and philosophy that's an interesting combination. There's probably no, you know, no crossover between the two. The truth is, I find there's a lot of crossover. And a lot of my studies in philosophyhave really taught me how to be concise, articulate, and to really drive home the point I'm trying to make, which has really been a skill I'd use in the business major. Taking that entrepreneurship and innovation class, for example, a lot ofpeople don't think you can really relate that to the theater arts.

But there so many ways that it overlaps. The idea of a startup and understanding how to approach venturecapitalists and donors and investors, that's huge! You know, I've really gained so much fromstudying both humanities and business. The students have embraced the conceptof business as a second major. They get thoseliberal arts courses that they need, combined withthose more professional practitioner oriented courses

that ensures that the student, if youwill, gets the best of both worlds. So in one class setting, you have you know students who are studyingphilosophy, politics, psychology. And this allowsfor very interesting class discussions. I also love the idea that I'm studying inside the building alongsideMBA students with different cultural backgrounds. We have students from over 66 countries,and this

global perspective and global experiencepermeates everything that we do. I think it really broadens the way youthink about the world. You meet new people, you learn new things. It's very important for students. Not necessarily to be majors in business, but to take a course inaccounting, to take a course in marketing, to realize how people arethinking and how businesses think. Business doesn't just revolve

around the classroom and understandingcertain policy. But also being able to apply those theories and the policy behind it. And a student who has an understanding ofhow business impacts society will be better able to navigate, if youwill, the shoals of their careers having that businessperspective combined with the Liberal Arts thinking. I have a lot of friends who are studying business in New York, and something I see about Brandeis students is they're much more creative, innovative, they're able to think

Brandeis University Commencement 2014

♫ Background choir music ♫ Look around you today. As you leave this place you are mostdecidedly not alone. We can accomplish great things asindividuals but it takes our entire community to do what'snecessary in this country. During our First Year Orientation, we were reminded that we arenot alone.

We were told that none of us is as smart as all of us. We were told that some place in this audience were our lifelong friends who would change our lives forever. People laughing, talking I am best version of myself when I am atBrandeis. ♫ Choir music ♫ There is much you take from your time here but most of what you take is each other.

♫ Orchestra ♫ Class of 2014! Cheers Today you are graduating from one of the most prestigious institutionsin this country. Just by saying you have a degree from Brandeis, people will think you arereally smart. Audience laughter

Remember what you like best aboutyourself here at Brandeis and stay in touch with that person theperson you, became the person you are still becoming. Unlike any other school, Brandeis isnot just a diploma on your wall or an artifact of yourFacebook network. It is a life philosophy. While every other school is the best fouryears in your life, Brandeis is timeless.

Calling this place home in the deepest sense of the word and forthe rest of your lives, that more than anything is what itmeans to be a Brandeisian. God bless and Godspeed the Class of 2014. Cheering God bless you. Clapping, background music

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