Diet For Ibs And Lactose Intolerance

How to Treat IBS Naturally

Hey guys, Axe here, of naturalmedicine. In this training tutorial, I'm going to talk to you about IBS natural treatmentsand the IBS diet. And IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and I'm going to go throughthe four steps, specifically including diet, what foods not to eat, supplements and lifestyleon how you can heal IBS syndrome. And I've worked with thousands of patients who havestruggled with IBS and laid out natural treatment plans for them, and I've seen them overcomeit. So I know you can as well, if you're a person or have a family member strugglingwith this condition. So first let's start off talking about whatfoods you have to stay away from if you have

IBS. Number one is going to be gluten. Ifyou are consuming gluten, that inflammatory protein and grain products that can causeIBS and I recommend for my patients with IBS at the start, for them to stay away from allgrain products, especially wheat products, but all grains to start. Now, later on aboutthree to nine months into care, sometimes they can add in some sprouted grains or sourdoughgrains. But from the start, that first three months, going completely grainfree is important. Also staying away from casein or conventionaldairy products. Lactose, the sugar in dairy, in casein, can be problematic. Now doing kefiron the other hand, can be greatly beneficial

or a fermented dairy product, but regulardairy products, especially milk, can be absolutely destructive for IBS. Some of the other things you want to be carefulof and stay away from with IBS are pretty obvious, hydrogenated oils. Those cause intestinalinflammation. Also, raw foods. That's right. Salads, raw fruits and vegetables and rawfruits can really damage the gut if you have IBS. So you really only want to be consumingcooked foods. Also, stay away from cold foods. Ice water, ice cream, anything that's coldis actually hard on the digestive system. Then of course, any processed food, refinedfood, packaged food, get those out of the

diet if you have IBS. Now, here are the top healing foods for IBSor the IBS diet. On the IBS diet you want to consume foods that really nourish the colonas well as nourish the spleen. The first category is going to be white immune boosting foods.So again, white foods, think cauliflower, onions and garlic. Cauliflower steamed isvery easy to digest. Garlic and onions when they're well cooked are great for killingoff bad bacteria in the gut, and also have immune boosting benefits. The other group of foods is going to be foodsthat nourish the spleen and that is especially

going to be squashes. Things like butternutsquash, sweet potatoes in some instances, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, but doingsquash is very nourishing to the spleen and to the colon as well. And then in generaldoing a lot of bone broth soup. Bone broth contains amino acids, proline and glycine,which make up collagen which helps to repair and heal the intestinal lining. So bone brothshould be the number one super food you consume to help heal IBS. On an IBS diet, the perfect meal is whereyou get out a Crock Pot, you put in some organic meat, whether that's beef or chicken. Thenyou're going to add in bones, you're going

to do the broth itself along with the organicmeat and then also vegetables, things like squash in there, celery and carrots are great.Onions are great in there. But doing a bone broth soup for most of your meals is one ofthe fastest ways to help you heal from IBS and a great part of an IBS diet. Step 3 in healing IBS is taking the rightsupplements. I recommend number one, to get a quality probiotic supplement into your dietand the problem is 90% of most probiotic supplements today are dead by the time you take them.So take a live probiotic supplement. They contain several things. Number one, againgood quality probiotics like lactobacillus

Lactose intolerance symptoms treatment pathophysiology

The three most common forms of sugar are glucose,fructose, and galactose, and these are all types of monosaccharides, meaning they'remade of just one sugar molecule, molecules like this are called carbohydrates, becausethey're made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, usually with a hydrogenoxygen ratioof 2:1. if you link two of these guys together, you get a disaccharide because “diâ€� meanstwo, and this is also a carbohydrate. Now our body uses these sugar molecules for energy,righté For us humans, glucose is our gasoline, our energy source, we'll take galactoseand fructose.but ultimately we need to use glucose, so almost all the fructose and galactosewe ingest is converted to glucose, and then

we use that glucose for energy. Alright, butusually carbohydrates aren't in monosaccharide form when we ingest them, and a lot of whatwe take in are in the disaccharide form, and one notorious disaccharide that tends to causeserious gastrointestinal distress for a lot of people, is lactose. Lactose is a disaccharide that's made upof a glucose molecule and a galactose molecule. For us to use it as energy, though, we haveto first break it down to those two monosaccharides. In the milk of most mammals, lactose is generallythe major carbohydrate, so when you have a glass of milk, and it gets through your stomachto the small intestine, that lactose gets

chopped into glucose and galactose by an enzymethat's fittingly called lactase. The gene responsible for production of the lactaseenzyme is expressed exclusively in the enterocytes lining the small intestine, which are cellsthat help absorb nutrients from stuff that we eat. Once produced, the enzyme makes it'sway to the cell's surface along the cell's microvilli, these little tentacles that helpincrease surface area and absorb nutrients. K, once lactose gets chopped by lactase, we'regood to go, and we absorb the glucose and galactose and all is well. Now, as mammals,we're wired to be able to ingest milk after birth, righté So it makes sense that whenwe're young we have a whole bunch of lactase

enzyme, since that's pretty much all wedrink. After weaning, in most mammal species, expression of the gene responsible for lactaseis way downregulated, and so production of lactase also goes way down. The majority ofhumans actually follow this protocol as well, and downregulate lactase production around35 years of age. Interestingly, though, the majority of caucasians, mainly those fromnorthern european background, continue to have elevated lactase activity all the wayinto adulthood, and so they exhibit “lactase persistenceâ€�. Why caucasiansé Well, thisgroup historically has domesticated cows and other milk providers and consumed lactosebased,or milkbased products into adulthood, and

by natural selection, it's thought thatthey've developed increased persistence of lactase production by specific gene mutationsthat are often autosomal dominant. Similar lactase persistence phenomena has been observedin separated and distinct smaller populations that rely on lactose production as well, prettyinteresting stuff if you ask me. At any rate, what about those of us that didn'tinherit the lactosepersistence geneé And every time we even think about milk or dairyproducts, our bowels give out a small groané Well, when that lactose gets to the brushborder of your small intestine, the vast majority of it doesn't get chopped and absorbed,as much as 75%! And it just keeps on movin'

down the GI tract and passes into the colon.At this point, the gut flora has a field day, since microbes aren't as picky and theyferment the lactose into a mix of hydrogen gas, carbon dioxide, and methane. These gasescontribute to symptoms of, uh, gas and bloating. Along with those gases, though, shortchainfatty acids are produced like acetate, butyrate, and propionate. We don't absorb these shortchainfatty acids, which means that they stay in the lumen of the gut. Both the unabsorbedlactose and products of fermentation raise the osmotic pressure, attracting water intothe bowels, so water flows in and this influx of water is what leads to diarrhea.

The Hydrogen Breath Test for Fodmap Intolerance

Irritable bowel syndrome welcome to the tutorial on the low Fodmap diet. today I'm going to talk about thehydrogen brief taste Irritable bowel syndromeI will be you know andtolerance to a couple but what makes not want them will test for protons and collectweapons and in some places it moves into his 40 polyols or some other party owns Iheaded to New Zealand my home country

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but what netscape United so eighty spectrum's and then you goback for a second time me name to stand for close next and thengetting a drink low Fodmap diet could be true very very sweet drink or for two months and be in the eighties debris in Redbridge demands to seeingwhat level was at my case me I am because if you're not managing toabsorb Irritable bowel syndrome the for October's in these momentoustime it's going down to the lounge

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animal and then I went back Irritable bowel syndrome the next time it really forget about aweek in between so that you can completely low Fodmap diet since it would get your system againthey do give you a diet for I think it's just the day before tomake sure that in nuns in case that you don't have anyyet terms uses the word nigger wittiest so I wentto the second tasting very worried about her because it's myexperience

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