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Fibromyalgia Suzannes story

Hi, I'm Suzanne, I'm 44 years old. I've had fibromyalgiafor about 13 years now. But I've only been diagnosedfor seven of those years. Fibromyalgia is a conditionthat affects your muscles and your ligaments and tendons. Sort of the soft tissuesin your body really. You also get lots of other thingsthat run alongside it. Like a lot of fatigue.

A lot of people manage their chroniccondition with lots of medications. Also overthecounter stuffas well as prescribed medications. I tend to handle it morewith using a positive frame of mind. I use a lot of visualisationand guided imagery. You know, just trying to be positive. Something that really helped meto turn my life around really was finding outabout the expert patient programme. Literally, I saw an advert ina newspaper about this programme

on how you can managea longterm condition. And just by going to thatand talking to them and each time we went, there was a certain topicthat we would concentrate on like talking to your s,finding ways to be positive. And doing things like relaxationjust sort of made me realise that, Yes, there is morethat I can be doing for myself. Because this made mea lot more positive,

I actually thoughtit was a good idea that there should be a support group forpeople with the condition that I had. So that really led to me helping withother people to start a support group. The hydrotherapy groupI actually started myself. I knew that hot water helped me. When I had a hot bath or a hot shower, it really did helpto ease the pain that I was in. I know people who had been offeredhydrotherapy treatment

for their fibromyalgia through the NHSand their s' surgeries but weren't actually able toeither take up that because they couldn't get to the pool or they'd maybe only have tenor 15 minutes when they got there. So initially, it was a case ofringing all the places I could think might have a pool warm enough because a normal bogstandard poolis not warm enough for us to use. I think if anybody thinks thatthey may have this condition

or may havea family member or friend with it, I would saythe first place to look is the Fibromyalgia Association website. That's FMA UK. There's lots of information on there. They could send you out a pack. So you've actually gotthe information in front of you and to take that information to your or health care professional.

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