Foods That Help Ibs Bloating

Learn How to Reduce Bloating in 5 Minutes

In the next 5 minutes, I'm gonna show you7 easy steps that you can do to reduce bloating, and I'm also gonna give you my secret superfood chia seed smoothie recipe, right here, right now, on today's show. So step number1, amp up the water 4 liters a day. And if you are doing 4 liters a day and your stilla little bloated, pick it up a little more. Step number 2, you also wanna increase yourfibrous vegetables. Those dark leafy greens loaded with magnesium, that's gonna help youflush out those bloat and help you gonna get the body that you want. so number 3, get offthose starchy carbs you guys. You know what I'm talking about. The French fries, the potato,different things like that, stick to a more

vegetablebased diet. This is a 3 day challengeand I know you could do it for 3 days. Number 4 is no skipping meals. A lot of people, theywake up in the morning, they feel a little bloated and they don't eat breakfast. Andthat's one of the biggest mistake that you could make. So, eat a small breakfast, andthen have a small snack and then have lunch. If you need help in the 3 days, one of thethings I've done in the past is set an alarm on my phone to remind me when to eat. Sometimesyou get caught at work, you get to do stuff. So set your alarm phone, make sure to do thisfor the next 3 days. You should be grazing and not eating huge meals all day long. Alrightso number 5, you wanna exercise. When you

work up the sweat, it helps get rid of theexcess sodium in your body. Recoup your down rated metabolism with sprints, intervals andstrength trainings. Number 6 is sleep. You've heard me talk before, in the past SaturdayStrategies, sleep is so huge. 810 hours a night, it's gonna restore your body, its gonnarecharge you, its gonna lower your cortisol levels that caused you bloating on the firstplace. So you make sure you make a solid 810 hours a night. And number 7 is get rid ofinflammatory foods like dairy, wheat and sugar. I've talked about it in the pat. When we eliminatedairy, wheat and sugar, it's gonna allow to get it off our body, a lot effortlessly, andits gonna give you the body that you want.

Alright so this is a 3 day challenge Fitlifer.And I know how it is. You know, 3 days, can seem like a lot work to you. But if you canjust give you 3 days to get you back on track, this is huge. Not only its gonna help youwith bloating, but its gonna be a catalyst to your movement, to really take on your transformationto the next level. So what are the ingredients for this recipeƩ Let's get on with this. Well,number 1, we have parsley. Coz parsley is absolutely amazing at reducing the bloatingin your body. It's loaded with fiber, were gonna throw that in the blender with mint.Mint is added for taste, its gonna help to flush out a lot of the water weight that youhave as well. Helps boost your mental clarity.

You can do that in the morning, its gonnahelp you to be absolutely good with that. And then also berries, loaded with fiber,and fiber's what you need to get rid of the bloat. We'll gonna add almond milk in there.2 cups to be exact. Were gonna add hat to our smoothie. A little bit of protein. We'llgonna use any protein that you want Fitlifer. Protein is gonna help you control your bloodsugar. You wanna exercise to help you with your protocol as well. And we have chia seeds.Chia seeds is one of my super foods that Aztecs used to eat this all the time for fuel. Allday long they'll just eat chia seeds. And they're loaded with fiber, and they're alsoloaded with protein. First step, is to blend

up the parsley with the almond milk and minttogether. Once we have the foundation, we'll gonna add the raspberry, the chia seeds andthe protein powder. We'll gonna blend it up again, and have our delicious, amazing antibloatchia seed smoothie recipe ready to rock and roll. So here we go. Let's try this out. That'sgood stuff! I like it! It's creamy, delicious, it's gonna get rid of the bloat. This thisout. It's a one recipe in the 3 day challenge. Over the next 3 days were gonna post a coupleof other recipes that can help you with your bloat as well. Make sure to do the 7 stepsI told you Fitlifer. During the 3 days. If you commit to it, what you do it to leavea comment at the bottom of this blog. Tell

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