Ibs Anxiety Cure

Yoga For Anxiety and Stress

Hey guys, welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I'm Adriene, and today wehave a sequence for anxiety. So this practice is awesome for when you're feeling stressed out, or maybe you're feeling a little anxious, maybe a little panic attacky, or you just need tomove from the darkness, into the light.

Hop on the mat and let's get started. Alrighty, let's begin witha nice, comfortable seat. Sit up nice and tall. And arrive here now. You've started the tutorial, you're here, the hard part is over. Let's begin with the breath. Inhale.

As you breathe in, draw theshoulders up to the ears. As you breathe out,draw the shoulders down away from the ears. Good. As you breathe in, squeeze and lift. As you breathe out, drop, create space. Couple more times. Inhale, find what feels good here. And exhale, create space.

One more time. Inhale, squeeze to the max. And exhale, create space. Awesome, take your right earover your right shoulder, breathe, ground down through the elbows. Lift it back to center,and to the other side. Left ear over left shoulder. Draw down through the elbows.

Great, bringing it back to center. And we're gonna come intoa little moodra here as we prepare for alternatenostril breathing. So this is my number one,if you don't have time for the whole tutorial, at least have time for this Pranayama technique,which I really do think is like a magic elixir. For when I'm feeling anxious,

if you ever feel like you are in kind of a panic attackmoment, or anything like that, or you just need todestress, balance out. This is the one for you, my friends. So, we're gonna take thekind of hang loose sign here, it's kind of like this, andwe're just gonna bring it to the ring finger and the thumb. See, bring the two peace fingers in.

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