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isolating inconvenient embarrassing frustrating, awkward and exhausting,challenging it came on just after the birth of my last child who is 27 this year. The pain was unreal I recall laying on my bathroom floorclutching my stomach beside myself really not known what was wrong. In thispicture here you can see on the left how my tummy usually looks on a daily basis and on the right is how it looked thatday. My original thought was

had I eaten something not cooked or that was off I was quite confused at the time and she diagnosed me with IBS IBS, IBS, IBS. Which I hadn't really not particularly heard of before, was not particularly aware of. When I was first told I was suffering from IBS, I wasn't one hundred percent sure what it was or the full extent of the symptoms I'm a schoolteacher so for me being in aclass of children, sometimes there are symptoms that happen beyond your control

and it's really hard. I do hear people say sometimes things like quot;Oh it's just in your headquot; or, are you sure you can't actually control it. I think for me, anxiety and worrying about it can be a big trigger. Ithink it is possible to live with IBS you just need to persevere, be patient and work out a plan that suits you. It's a real help if you make those close to you aware of it.

there are so many people that suffer with it, it's really, really common. A lot more common than you think and Iguess be open and talk to people. I was ill for a period I didn't need to be Icould have helped myself a long time ago learn what triggers your IBS off stress is quite hard, it's unavoidable really given my job. I've taken up the practice of yoga which has really, really helped. It's good to find atreatment that works for you keep a food diary you'll be amazed at what.

things come up, as aggravatingfactors. Everybody's different. It helped me see that there are certainthings that I ate that caused real big flare ups and so I avoid eating those things and they are things that I like to eat so I don't avoid them alltogether but certainly if I'm in a social situation. Or partner then I know to avoid those things. If I'm going somewhere then I think ahead

find out where the toilets are, find out who's going, how long I might be there. but because I find it quite stressful going to new environments soemtimes I might take a treatment with me. Keep it on me. Just accept it, I mean I did personally I just accepted that what I had, I had IBS and you have to get on with it. It's definitely a manageable thing, you just have to know what your triggers are be aware of whenthey might occur and act when they happen

The Try Guys Try Korean Cooking Kpop Part 3

Keith and I are chefs, but not Korean. Right. Eugene is Korean, but not a chef. So, how is that going to doé (splatter) Oh! (laughs) Zach! (upbeat music) I think there is a growinginterest in Korean cuisine

because the popular culture introduced it in such a delicious manner. What do you doé I am Hyosun Ro. I am the Korean mom. You're the Korean momwe've always wanted to have. Reallyé Family members eating around the table,

that's when many conflicts emerge. Keith and Ned had mom, so Eugene's going to be my mom. I'm not going to be your mom. So, I got mom here helping me out I am not your mom. Consumption of food isnot just something that your body needs, but it's something that,

also, your emotion needs. Okay, today we'regoing to make dukbokki. Dick pokey. (Eugene laughs) Dukbokki is a numberone street food in Korea. Have you never had duck beforeé This is ducké I've had duck before.

It's not the birdduck, it's a rice cake. That's a different kind of cake. It tastes like string cheesethat rolled under the couch. So, mom, what's the first stepé Not your mom. First thing we need to dois to make anchovy broth. Anchovy broth. Are you freaked out by little fishé

I'm not freaked out by it. Put the whole thing in your mouth. (Zach mumbles)There you go. Nedé Yeahé Do you want to do your jobé Sure. I didn't realize I had a job.

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