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Inflammatory bowel disease vs irritable bowel disease

Let meintroduce you to Frank. Now, for most of the last year, Frank's digestive system, it's just not been feeling quite right. He's been having intermittent, although fairly frequent abdominal pain as well as irregular bowel movements. And at times he's not ableto have a bowel movement.

Then at other times he's beenhaving them very frequently. And he was telling a closefriend about these symptoms. And his friend said, you know, Frank, I was watching something on TV, and I heard about this condition. I'm not exactly sure,but I think it was called something like irritable bowel disease. And it sounds somewhat similarto what you're experiencing.

Perhaps you should go see a . So Frank goes to see his . And he says, you know,doc, I think I have IBD. And Frank's says, youknow, I'm sorry to hear that. Please tell me why youthink you may have IBD. And as he's relatingthese symptoms to her, she thinks to herself, youknow, I wonder if he means IBS instead of IBD.

And so his responds, Frank, you know, I'm concerned you may have a condition known as irritable bowel syndrome, which is commonly referred to as IBS. And Frank says, isn't that IBDé And his replies,that's a common mistake. Unfortunately, there aretwo different conditions with very similar acronyms.

They are irritable bowel syndrome or IBS and inflammatory bowel disease or IBD. Let's learn about the differences between IBS and IBD. So let's start on the left here with irritable bowel syndrome or as it's more commonly referred to, IBS. But what exactly is a syndromeé

To help get a better idea,let's think about a car. Now, imagine that something is just not quite right with your car. So you take it into the auto shop. And you tell the mechanic, you know, there's this rattlingsound under the hood. And the car has poor acceleration, and the check engine light is on.

Bakersfield College Career Day 2014

(music plays)It's very fun. It's interesting to see all of the employers. I mean, there were over50 employers the last year, and I was able to network with them and just to see whatjob opportunities were available. And I was able to see what I needed to do in order toobtain a job that I wanted. I think that it's really good when you haveall these employers, different types of companies here. It just may take that one event to say,you know whaté This is what I want to do here. Boys Girls Club has been partnering withBakersfield College Career Day for several years now. Yeah, just recently, last yearat BC Career Day, we had a fortunate opportunity

to meet a young man. He really left a lastingimpression, and a couple weeks after that career day, we offered him a position as ourathletic director. Talk to the employer. Make eye contact. Makeit to where they have no choice but to remember you. What is it that you can bring to thetableé Why is it that you're interested in that jobé And make sure that they know tomark on that application, cause we do make marks. We make sure that we say, OK, thisone actually did something for me. First impression counts a lot with these employers.And even if you do show up with a resume, if you're not dressed right, if your attitudedoesn't you know, scream quot;Employable,quot; they

just don't see that you have what it takes.The good ones will really come prepared, like they are coming to an interview. And whenthey introduce themselves, they are doing it in a professional manner. They will comeup and introduce themselves, shake your hand, give you great eye contact, kind of know alittle bit about your company. Then you're going to have a little bit more interest inwhat they've got to say. So, I'm a Bakersfield College student. I willbe graduating this May. Very exciting. I know we're going to be having Career Day here,which Job Placement puts together every year. I'm looking forward to kind of networkingwith these employers here onsite. It's very

convenient that they are brought to us here.And I have to say that Job Placement isn't just concerned with your level of successwhile attending Bakersfield College. They provide you with additional services. Youcan come into Job Placement if you need assistance putting a resume together. They do have resumewriting seminars. We have employment workshops. Mock interviews, if you're trying to preparefor an important interview, this is where you can do it.For more information, come on by and see us at the Bakersfield College Job Placement Center,located right next to the Financial Aid Office in the Student Services Building. Or, youcan give us a call at (661) '54550. See

you at the BC Career Day!.

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