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Ulcerative Colitis Treatment Testimonial

Namaste Mrs. Gursharan ji. You have come to Vikram's today for medical consultation. Can you tell us what medical condition are you suffering fromé I was suffering from Ulcerative colitis. It was diagnosed in a in Singapore after I took colonoscopy test there. They prescribed me allopathic medicines after that. When did this happené Approximately two years back. Do you have any reports of that timeé No Are these reports also of that same time, two years backé

No, they are not the same, I have got these reports done after coming back, in last November. Was your condition very severe at that time in November when you got these doneé Yes. What symptoms were you experiencing at that timeé My stool was coming all stained with blood whenever I used to go to the loo. I had to go to the toilet four to five times in a day to pass stools and every time it use to be stained with blood. Did you take allopathic treatment for thaté I took allopathic as well as homeopathic treatment. After that I read a lot about Vikram Chauhan on the internet. I saw his interviews as well online.

So, I consulted him and he prescribed me medicines. When did you start taking Vikram Chauhan's treatmenté I started taking his treatment in January. January 2015é Yes. Ok, that means it' s been only three months since you have started taking Vikram's treatment. How did you feel after taking the Ayurvedic medicines prescribed by Vikram Chauhané I have felt a lot of relief. Now I just have to use the toilet only once and there is no blood in my stools anymore.

In these three months, I have experienced a lot of relief, there is a lot of improvement in my condition. So you have had a lot of relief after taking Chauhan's treatment, did you experience any kind of problem while taking these medicinesé No, I did not find any difficulty in taking this treatment. Did you take any kind of precautions in your diet while taking this treatmenté Yes So please tell us about the diet that you took with this treatmenté I asked Vikram Chauhan regarding the dietary modifications. So he suggested me that I can take curd. He asked me to completely avoid milk. So curd can be taken but milk cannot be taken, righté

Yes milk was to be eliminated completely from diet. He asked me to eat all food products that are cold in potency and avoid taking too much of spicy and fried food. He also asked me to eliminate all nonvegetarian food products from daily meals. Fast food was also to be avoided. He told me that I can eat curd and banana which will be good for my health. Other than this, did you make any other kind of changes in your dieté Any food item that you used to take earlier but you don't have it nowé Yes, no spicy food to be taken, I also avoided chillies in diet. I was asked to take simple food like dal and chapatis. Did you repeat your colonoscopy test after three months of taking this treatmenté

Yes I have repeated my tests. This is the image. It is completely clear now. Ok, Yes it is totally clear. This is the three month old report, it shows a lot of scars. This recent report is completely normal. Great, this is very good. So, do you remember a few names of the Ayurvedic medicines that you were takingé Yes they were. Syp. Amlapitta, Syp. Ulcer, Tab. Kutajghan vati Did you take vatsakadi churnaé Yes, I took that as well.

5 Steps to Cure IBS Symptoms Without Drugs VitaLife Show Episode 92

Welcome to the Vitalife show I'm Janine Bowring and today we're talking about fivesimple steps to cure IBS symptoms without using anydrugs so here at the Vitalife show we're all about doingthings naturally first and foremost when it comes to IBS youhave to eliminate your stress stress is the number one causative factorthat I've seen in my patients over the years relating to IBS symptoms so you reallyhave to think about how do you decrease

your stress levels maybe it's having a warm bath maybe it'sexercising more maybe it's not watching the news dowhatever you can to decrease your stress level so that your IBS symptoms will disappear number two on my list is detoxification. Its really important to get rid of those toxins that have accumulated in the digestive tract.Do it with a fullbody detox.

I created Vitadetox provider of VitaTreeNutritional to get rid of all those toxins in the internal organs in a gentle andsafe way becasue I know you might be asking yourself I have IBS how can I do adetox or cleanse usually very harsh on a digestive tract.Well with the Vitadetox because I kept that in mind in formulating it to make sure that it'svery gentle for the digestive tract so you don't need to worry about that

number three on my list is diet. Diet is so important in terms of staying away from the things thataggravate your digestive tract so often for a lotof people I found that this is dairy products as well as wheat products so we seemore and more people are starting to stay away from wheat products and goingtowards the glutenfree products as probably a good idea if you have IBSand may not have to be forever but wheat is one of those things thatcause irritation in the digestive tract

and is very difficult to digest for mostpeople here in North America probiotics forth on my list reallyimportant to make sure we have enough of those good guys and that's exactlywhat probiotics are they are the good friendly flora that are naturally in adigestive tract. They help us to actually break down are food which a lot ofpeople don't realize so make sure you're taking a highqualityprobiotic that's designed for the human digestive tract not of probiotics are created equalthat's why I created the

Vitatree Probiotics designed for human digestive tract andit has the right strain of Lactobacillus acid and Bifidobacterium important for both the small and large intestines fifth on my list is yoga. Yoga is a great way to reduce your stress but also specifically to bringcirculation to the digestive organs to increase the digestive processesand decreasing stress at the same time so they're great yoga postures that youcan learn

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