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Candida Case Study 3 Trudy Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I'm going to do another case presentation.This will be case presentation number three. This is out of my book, Candida Crusher. I'mjust going to read an excerpt out of that. This patient's name is Trudy, and she's 62years of age. Let's start. If you're a health care professional, this will be a typicalcase that you will see. You'll recognize a lot in this case.Trudy came to see me not that long ago complaining of irritable bowel syndrome. She'd had ongoingconstipation and diarrhea for over 10 years. Too many to remember she told me. Trudy hadbeen treated for irritable bowel syndrome by every practitioner she'd seen and was neverconsidered to be a person to have a serious

Candida yeast infection. Because she toldthem all that is what the medical had diagnosed her with several years ago, IBS,so of course, once she was labeled as an IBS patient, irritable bowel syndrome is whatit was and that's what all the practitioners basically treated her for. Monkey see; monkeydo. I've heard it all before. I call it parrot talk. If you keep parroting the same thing,people start copying that. And even many natural practitioners and even some top professionalsshe saw treated her for IBS, so they looked at various IBS diets. The SED diet, the GAPSdiet, the Paleo diet, you name it; she's been on every kind of diet this woman.I've written here, they were the natural practitioners

who had placed her on strict exclusion dietsand the allergy diets, and the had treated her several times with antibioticsbefore he washed his hands of her and placed her in the quot;too hardquot; basket. The bowel specialistconcluded there was nothing the matter with Trudy after all the standard investigationslike colonoscopy, endoscopy, abdominal xrays, and countless blood tests all came back asbeing normal. I've heard it all before. I've written here also, whenever I teach studentsabout digestive problems, I say, quot;If the health professional diagnosed IBS or if you can'tfind the reason for the patient's digestive malfunction, suspect an immune problem underpinningit, usually there's Candida not far behind

or dysbiosis, bad bacteria, parasites. Youcould find Blastocystis in there and Dientamoeba. There could be any one of a number of differentbugs underpinning that that no one has really diagnosed.quot;Trudy mentioned that she had an itchy scalp. And on close inspection, I noticed that bothher big toenails were thickened and discolored. We completed a stool test and there it was,yeast in all three stool samples. But not only yeast, she had also several other bacteriaand parasites present, which is typical of a chronic ongoing yeast case like this. Theopportunity exists for such a proliferation of dysbiosis; hence the term quot;opportunisticinfection.quot; Trudy had a stool test completed

years ago, but was only tested for basic pathogenslike giardia campylobacter, pampas pyridium and rotavirus, and nothing really came up.Many s, if they do a stool test, a convention would do a very narrow test. When Ido them, I tend to do a broad test, so I look at a whole range of different things.This lady used to work in a daycare center, so she was only really checked for children'sinfectious bowel diseases, so they basically missed the boat. All results were negativeand Trudy left with no answers. Of course, if all the professionals come back with NAD,nominal at diagnosis, the patient develops increasing anxiety. They start getting mooddisorders. They start drinking more. Swallowing

all kinds of antidepressants and they justgo from bad to worse. One of my biggest disgusts with conventionaltreatment of digestive complaints is the routinely overzealous prescribing of antibiotics. I'veseen this with thousands of patients over the years where antibiotics just destroy people'sguts. They just get sicker and sicker, to the point where the s wash their handsof these patients. They just get rid of them. Discard them for what I call a quot;low hangingfruit.quot; They look for other patients they can make money out of or give more drugs tobecause what can they doé You make someone sick enough, you can't treat them anymore,just get rid of them because there's plenty

Candida Case Study 9 Wendy Chronic Allergies and IBS

Thanks for checking out my tutorial again. Anothercase history for you today. This is going to be case history number nine. This is a48yearold lady called Wendy. In fact, Wendy used to be our babysitter many years ago.Wendy's a very lovely lady, but I found her to be one of those what I call quot;supersensitivequot;people. Sensitive to everything in her environment, every single thing. I'm going to read a littlebit out of my book and then I'm going to give you some explanation about the case.Wendy was a woman in her 40s that used to be our babysitter 10 years ago. She calledme up with urgency one evening to tell me that a gas heater in our lounge was makingher physically sick and I had to rush home.

She had all the windows wide open and feltphysically ill. When I spoke with her further about this, it became apparent that she wassupersensitive to any household cleansers, aerosols, perfumes, colognes, and felt absolutelyterrible near cigarette smoke. She could only drink water that was bottled in glass andher diet was limited to a handful of foods. This lady had a bowel problem that she'd beentrying to control for many, many years and had a long history of oral contraceptive pilluse. Twenty years ago, Wendy returned from Indiawith a bad case of diarrhea. Her placed her on several rounds of antibiotics and she'snot been well since. After several months

on the Candida Crusher program, Wendy's diethad become far less restrictive and she was hardly reacting to her environment at all.And now Wendy can even drink tap water and low and behold, she can even drink wine, whichwas inconceivable many years ago. Can you relate to Wendyé Are you a personwho's traveled, maybe developed some kind of diarrhea or bowel problem after a partyor a vacation in the Caribbean or the Pacific or wherever you've been toé Have you had agut problem and noticed that your health's gone downhill over the yearsé You've becomeincreasingly reactive to foods, maybe inhaling allergens, environmental toxins and thingslike that. Maybe you've got parasites or Candida

internally.Antibiotics often are a waste of time because they just increase the toxic burden. Theyeradicate beneficial bacteria and allow parasites to thrive even more. In most cases, I've foundantibiotics completely useless for a lot of gut related problems. I've performed wellover 1,000 stool tests and I can tell you, I'm amazed when the panels come back to seewhat level of deficiencies people have with beneficial bacteria and how many parasitesthey really have in their digestive system. It's phenomenal.Some of my patients have been sick for 10, 15, or 20 years after a trip and they've neverbeen well. Some are on sickness benefits.

Some have been divorced. They can't toleratelife anymore. When you've got a bowel problem and you're going to the toilet 10 times aday, it's not much fun. You lose your confidence. You can't go out anywhere. You get pain inthe gut. You get a lot of bloating, a lot of gas. You may have lost a lot of weightor gained a lot of weight. It's a very embarrassing thing to have a bowel problem. It's not somethingyou really want to talk about. I can help you out. If you want to spend sometime with me, you can certainly book into see me online through Skype and I can talkyou through this. This sort of patient responds extremely well to Canxida, the antifungaldietary supplement I manufactured a while

ago now. I've had many, many, many patientsin a lot of countries around the world really benefiting from Canxida. It's fantastic forpeople like Wendy. You start on one tablet, you build up to three tablets a day, and inno time at all, you're going to nail a lot of these parasites. Read my book on the fermentedand cultured foods. It gives you a good explanation on how to really increase a lot of beneficialsin your digestive system as well. I hope you found this tutorial of benefit toyou if you've got a gut problem. Thanks for tuning in.

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