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The Unbelievably Hilarious Amy Schumer

Why don't you move here, andthen you'd have a bigger placeé Do you like it hereé ButsighsI mean, I don't fit in herejust straight up body type. Like, in L.A.,my arms register as legs. They're just likelaughter laughter They're like,quot;Why is that octopus on Sunsetéquot;

quot;Is thatquot;laughter It's notit's not for me out here. Noé It's not, no. But Iyou know. What do you do whenyou're hereé I cry.I just sit in my room. laughterBawling. No, I

Well, last time I was here,right from the show, I got courtside ticketsto a Laker game. That's fun. Yeah, 'cause my my business agent thoughtI was mad at him for sexually harassing me. Well But no, I'm 33, so I'm just starting to reallyappreciate that, you know what I meané I see, I see.

Well, it's true.I can't speak for everyone. I'm not likequot;Sexually harassquot; but, in your 20s,I feel like you walk around like you'll walk pasta construction site, and be kind of like,quot;Oh, don't lookquot; But then, in your 30s, you know,I'm just like, quot;What about thiséquot;laughter quot;Like, how aboutquot;laughter

It's like my skirt's overmy head. I'm like, quot;Aah.quot;laughter They're like, quot;We're eating.quot; But, uhlaughter laughter It changes, it really does. It changes, soSo I got courtside seats, whichyou've sat courtsideat a game, righté

I have, yeah. I thoughtI went I thought it would befree booze. Um.laughter It's not, it's not.laughter I guess you have to be onthe team to get free booze. So. laughs I go, I get randomly seatednext to Dianna Agron. You know, the actress.She was on quot;Glee.quot;

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