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Gianni Bardaro SOUL BLUEPRINT EPK Jazz New York Feat Randy Brecker

Neffertiti is a composition I wrote for adear friend of mine, his name is Neff. It is a tribute to the idea of friendshipand freedom within friendship. In fact, the solo part of thissong is total interplay. There is no prewritten solo chord progression,it is 100% interplay right because there was this idea of expressing total freedomwithout ending up playing free jazz. quot;Davquot; quot;Davquot; is a danish word and it means quot;Helloquot;, is one of the different ways to say quot;Helloquot;

It is usually used when you meet somebody you don't really know but when is a child saying this word, this one acquires joyful sound, a joyful energy and it can really make your day! The intro of this tune for example, wants to tell the way how I perceive that joyful sound The entire tune is in 118 and quite articulated in the themes with the intention of creating a music contrast between energy projected by adults, often more crystalized and the one projected by children, usually free of mind patterns. The solo parts of this tune are inspired by this kind of freedom, the freedom that children naturally express and which can teach a lot to adults. quot;Againstquot; is one of the latest tunes I wrote for this CD

and is about the feeling that people and circumstances are quot;workingquot; against you and changing that perception in one's thinking. quot;Intoquot; is a short but deep ballad quot;Intoquot; is when you find yourself in your place of perfect peace in the middle of the night surrounded by beautiful silents smoothly broken by sounds of a jazz ballad it is just a moment, it is the present moment, when you get lost in the present moment quot;Flame in Bluequot; was conceived as the extension of quot;Intoquot;. It is the awakening from that quot;just a momentquot;, a BlueLatin flame originating and raising from the source tone: the silent.

That is the way how this tune came out, dancing with the silent yes dancing with the Silent. quot;Illegalquot; deals with the plight of illegal aliens and while I was composing this tune, my main question was: is their wish for a better life to be considered an illegalityé So, in the process of composing the main theme, I was trying to imagine the constant fear they live with and how I could translate that feeling in music.

CompleteTrash in New York

Hello! How's it goingé There are places, there are people. There are men We are here It's very pretty here! Bye!.

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