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Ulcerative Colitis Cure by Ayurveda Real Testimonial

Hello Sir Hello Sir Sir, I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Centre. Sir may I know your name. My name is Dharampal Singh. Sir, Where do you liveƩ I come from Ghanaur, Patiala and I am a school teacher. Sir, What were the issues regarding your health that you contacted Vikram Chauhan.

Sir, I was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. You were suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. I was suffering from this problem since November 2012. I started taking medicine from Arvind Mittal from Patiala since 22nd January 2013 but I did not get any relief. Then I started taking medicine from PGI since 28th July 2014 but from there also I got no relief. Then I had medicine from Ayurvedic Bali from Patiala but even from there also I did not get any relief. I used to go about 1012 times to toilet for passing out the stools. Pus and Blood was also coming in my stools along with. At that time a teacher from Manakpur khera came to my school because of his duty as an examiner and I discussed with him about my disease.

So he told me that, a teacher named Supinder Kaur in his school is also suffering from this problem. He gave me her number and then I contacted her via phone and she sent me to Vikram Chauhan in Mohali. She told me about you tube tutorial of Vikram Chauhan, I saw it. So I went to meet Vikram Chauhan on 7th March 2016. From this date till 26th July 2016 I was under medication. Now I have totally stopped taking medicine. No Blood or Pus is coming in the stools and now I usually go 1or 2 times a day for stool evacuation. Sir for how many total months you had taken medicine from Planet Ayurveda, means from Vikram Chauhan.

Sir I had medicine from 7th March 2016 till 26th July 2016. Means you had medicine for about 4 months. Yes I had medicine for 4 Months. This is the prescription of 732016. Please Show it, Sir. In this all about to avoid and food to consume is given. These are dietary changes. Yes, these all are Dietary Changes.

Next is of 5th April 2016 in which, these all medicines are given. Next Prescription is in May in which all these medicines were given. After this on 3rd June 2016, these medicines were given. Okay Sir. After this on 26th July these medicines were given. The main thing is that today, has stopped his medication totally, which in Ulcerative Colitis is like a great miracle. Because a patient of Ulcerative Colitis has to be on medication for almost his whole life. We have seen such patients who from 1718 years are still on medication and their heath is continuously deteriorating.

The main thing I would like to say that, like people at start of the problem, as he said that in Patiala he went to and after the problem was not controlled there, he went to PGI. So before all this if one properly go for Ayurveda earlier, one would not have to go for such a long process. The disease also start stabilizing naturally and even disease start eliminating. But they give more medicines and give Antibiotics and medicines to control coming blood, Painkillers to control Pain. Because of all this, the disease continues. I have seen such patients. We had a patient in Nangal branch who had Ulcerative disease and he went to PGI for the Treatment, then he went to Delhi. As this turned to a cancer so he went for an operation there but after he got operated the disease reoccurred. After this he use to have medicines from an Ayurvedic in Dharamshala. After taking this medicine his weight was reducing continuously. His weight was around 5657 Kg and his height was more than 6 Feet.

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