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Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS and What Tests You Should Get

Kenneth Falchukgt;gt;gt; Irritable bowel syndromeis the word points to it, is a syndrome, it is a composite of complaints that patientshave that effect the GI tract. It is not something that we could immediately say is caused byan infection or is caused by a structural change in the bowel. So therefore the physician who evaluates thepatient with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has to pay attention to the types of symptoms,when they occuré How frequent is your trigger factor, has to evaluate his patient for thepossibility of other conditions and that is where we bring in the criteria of or the charactersof what we call reg flags.

So irritable bowel syndrome is a combinationof symptoms that the patient mentions to the treating evaluating physician that consistsof either pain with or without a change in bowel habit such as diarrhea, constipation,or a variable pattern, a mixture of both diarrhea or constipation with bloating with a changein a shape, consistency of they stools, they could be loose, they could be hard, they couldbe like little fragments. Above all, the irritable bowel does not havethe red flags that I mentioned previously, that is the presence of bleeding, very significantrelevant weight loss in a short period of time, no fever, and no vomiting, once we considerthe red flags and if they are not present

in the patient, there are other lab resultsthat we could request to evaluate the patient and exclude something that may be caused byanother illness other than the IBS, the irritable bowel. If a physician requests those labs, they arenot specific. There is no specific blood test to make the diagnosis of an irritable bowel.So what one does when he looks at the lab for help to see if there is anemia, evidenceof bleeding indirectly or directly, a low red cell count, a low iron or something calledferritin, signs of inflammation in the blood. We request a test called Sed rate or CRP thatindirectly look at this aspect.

Other tests may show low protein to suggesta difficult absorption, nutrition, which is not really a main issue when one deals withirritable bowel. So once the red flags are excluded and that the physician is certainabout that, he or she can then say “Well I am not yet sure. I need to evaluate my patientproperly.� That can be done with xrays such as CAT scan, xray of a small intestine,a barium enema sometimes or proceed to something more specific and definitive, yet somewhatinvasive called a colonoscopy where you look at the lining of the colon. You can take samplesand make sure there is no inflammation. The bottomline is to make sure that thereis no colitis because colitis is treated differently.

It is somewhat of a greater concern to somepatients because it could bleed to serious consequences and disabilities, so it is importantnot to attach diagnosis of IBS, irritable bowel, to someone who may have something thatcan be treated differently and therefore modify their quality of life and outcome. I think that more or less summarizes whatI have been trying to convey about what IBS irritable bowel syndrome is and how to proceedwith a detail specific evaluation of this condition.

Mayo Wellness Solutions For Ibs Yoga For IBS

Birds chirping gt;gt; Hi, I'm Rodney Yee. This is Karen, andthis is Tommy. Let us be your guidethrough Yoga for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Watch each person; they're going to give you differentvariations. Please do what variationis easy for you.

We're trying to relax the bellyand all of the vital organs. At the same time, we'retrying to give a lot of space so that the digestivesystem works with ease and as it should naturally. Here we go. Background Music I want us toslowly take DownwardFacing Dog. Music In DownwardFacing Dog, youwant to relax the entire waist.

But you want to get that waistlong by slowly working the legs into the hamstringsas you ground down towards theearth with your heels. You want to stretch thearms from the side ribs, and as you do that you wantto really relax the belly. The belly and thethroat should be soft. Breathing, feel the breathas you pull those legs back. Feel the exhalation lengthenthe sides of the waist

into the outstretchof your arms. Good. Very slowly walk forward. Standing Forward Bend. You can hold yourelbows, like Tommy here, or you can take your handson blocks or books just to feel very supportedin this pose. The legs are strong, andfrom those strong legs, the belly is soft.

So I want you to feel, even when the belly hollowstowards the spine, it's incredibly softand pliable. From there, again, with gravity,the sides of your waist get long from the weight of your torsoand your arms and your head. Beautiful. Inhale, come up halfway. Take your hands toyour hips, inhale,

and come all the wayup to Mountain Pose. The legs are strong, the bellyand the lower ribs are soft. The throat is soft. Inhale, raise yourarms to the outside. Exhale, bring the handsto Prayer Position. Inhale, take the arms like yourshaving the sides of your head. Reach up with your arms, andagain, to get that full length to the sides of your waistfrom the rooted legs,

Mayo Wellness Solutions For Ibs IBS Diet Nutrition

gt;gt; Background MusicGood nutrition starts with smart shopping. And if you're goingto eat according to the Mayo HealthyWeight Pyramid it starts here at the grocery store. Come with me. We'll do some smart shoppingand we'll improve your health. Here at Mayo we recommendfollowing the Mayo

Healthy Weight Pyramid. At the bottom are fruitsand vegetables followed by whole grain carbohydrates,lean sources of protein and dairy, further up,heart healthy fats, and at the top are sweets. At the center of the pyramidis daily physical activity. Today we're goingto go shopping. Shopping may not seemexciting to many people

but to me it's importantand powerful. Food is medicine and I want tochoose the healthiest food I can to give me the bestmedicine to keep me healthy. Some of the hints that Ido before going shopping, I try and eat something. I don't want to come hungry and just get everythingon the shelves. Also, I try and prepareahead of time.

I figure out what meals I'mgoing to have for the week and I make a listright here and finally, I shop in the periphery first. That's where the vegetablesand fruits are usually located and a great place to start. We have some carrots. Carrots are highin betacarotene, that's what givesthem the orange color.

Carrots and potatoes and cornhave kind of gotten a bad name because they're high in what'scalled the glycemic index. That means how much of foodwill raise your blood sugar. However, there isn'tmany calories in here. You have to, you know,hold a lot of them to raise your blood sugar andthe nutrients they provide in my view more than make up for their slightlyhigh glycemic index.

Red peppers, many people don'tknow that they're very high in vitamin C, in factmore than orange juice. These are anotherfavorite of our kids. Children like simple food. We slice them up and justserve them on their own. One of the important things about vegetables isvariety and color. Many vegetables havedifferent colors

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