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Inflammatory bowel disease vs irritable bowel disease

Let meintroduce you to Frank. Now, for most of the last year, Frank's digestive system, it's just not been feeling quite right. He's been having intermittent, although fairly frequent abdominal pain as well as irregular bowel movements. And at times he's not ableto have a bowel movement.

Then at other times he's beenhaving them very frequently. And he was telling a closefriend about these symptoms. And his friend said, you know, Frank, I was watching something on TV, and I heard about this condition. I'm not exactly sure,but I think it was called something like irritable bowel disease. And it sounds somewhat similarto what you're experiencing.

Perhaps you should go see a . So Frank goes to see his . And he says, you know,doc, I think I have IBD. And Frank's says, youknow, I'm sorry to hear that. Please tell me why youthink you may have IBD. And as he's relatingthese symptoms to her, she thinks to herself, youknow, I wonder if he means IBS instead of IBD.

And so his responds, Frank, you know, I'm concerned you may have a condition known as irritable bowel syndrome, which is commonly referred to as IBS. And Frank says, isn't that IBDé And his replies,that's a common mistake. Unfortunately, there aretwo different conditions with very similar acronyms.

They are irritable bowel syndrome or IBS and inflammatory bowel disease or IBD. Let's learn about the differences between IBS and IBD. So let's start on the left here with irritable bowel syndrome or as it's more commonly referred to, IBS. But what exactly is a syndromeé

To help get a better idea,let's think about a car. Now, imagine that something is just not quite right with your car. So you take it into the auto shop. And you tell the mechanic, you know, there's this rattlingsound under the hood. And the car has poor acceleration, and the check engine light is on.

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What Peter LaBarbera Will Never Understand

In a recent post on his website Americansfor Truth about Homosexuality, antigay activist Peter LaBarbera criticizes socalled quot;profamilyleadersquot; for focusing on issues such as gay marriage while neglecting to oppose homosexualityitself. Citing the need to emphasize quot;WHY homosexual and transgender behaviors are alwayswrongquot;, quot;how homosexual sex is fraught with health risksquot;, quot;why homosexuality violatesNatural Moral Law, the teachings of Judaism and Christianityquot;, and quot;the inordinate drugand porn use among homosexual men, and 'gayongay' assaults and abusesquot;, he says: quot;Simply put,we as a movement must conquer whatever timidity, fear and political correctness we have inNOT wanting to debate the morality of homosexuality

because our fanaticallydriven LGBT opponentswill never relent in their audacious campaign to 'sell' homosexuality to the public. Noticethat while many conservatives shrink from the homosexuality debate, selfdescribed outandproud'queer' activists never backtrack in their misguided, indeed, pathological quest to compelsociety to approve of their aberrant 'lifestyles.'quot; LaBarbera gives little thought to why thismight be the case, but the answer should be obvious to anyone who isn't consumed withselfrighteous loathing for gay people. There certainly is a reason why the mainstream antigaymovement does its best to avoid openly attacking us for being drugaddicted rapist sinners,and that's because most people just don't

want to hear it. Over 50% of Americans personallyknow someone who's gay, and this figure holds true among liberals, moderates, and conservatives.Those who do know someone gay are more likely to support gay marriage and the legality ofgay relations. Knowing gay people puts a human face on what would otherwise only be an abstractconcept of what gay people, their relationships and their quot;lifestylesquot; are like. Without anyactual firsthand experience, their understanding of us remains foggy and vulnerable to rumor,suspicion and distrust. Familiarity serves to ground this in reality a reality whichLaBarbera and his colleagues have dedicated themselves to fighting against. What is itthat makes these personal connections and

interactions so effective at humanizing usin the eyes of the publicé Many in the antigay movement seek to diminish our struggles ina historical sense by asserting that sexual orientation is nothing like one's race orcolor. But in one crucial respect, this is absolutely true. The fact of our sexualitydoes not visibly manifest itself in an easily recognizable way, with the unfortunate sideeffect of the superstitious marking of certain appearances or mannerisms as quot;gayquot;. Whilethis has often resulted in plenty of antigay abuse being directed at young children andanyone who strays even slightly from established norms, it has also deprived people of anycertainty about who among them might be gay.

Our sexuality does not afford them the opportunityto recoil from our very skin the moment they lay eyes on us. It's something they must cometo learn. In no small part because of a pervasive history of societal homophobia, many of ushave been reluctant to share the truth about ourselves with anyone but those we trust themost: our good friends, neighbors, coworkers, and hopefully our families. By the time wefeel comfortable enough to come out to them, this can spark an extraordinary shift in perspective,because these people have already come to know us, appreciate us, and love us for whowe are not what we are. When faced with the fact that the wholesome and upstandingperson they respect and care deeply for also

happens to be gay, this goes a long way towarddispelling any misconceptions, including the vulgar lies of antigay activists. Our ownlives testify to the truth. So how do you think our families and friends will reactwhen Peter LaBarbera's partners in homophobia such as pastor Patrick Wooden claim that gaymen use gerbils and baseball bats sexually and quot;die in diapersquot;é What will they thinkabout the notion that our very love should be subject to criminal sanctions and we'regoing to burn in hellé How will they feel about baseless accusations that gay peopleare pedophiles and even orchestrated the Holocausté These wildly hateful confabulations may serveto rile up the antigay base, but this is

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