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Cat Health Care Tips How to Manage a Cats Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Let's talk about managing your cat with inflammatorybowel syndrome, or IBS. IBS is quite common in cats actually. They can react to foods,environment, all sorts of things, and and the underlying cause sometimes is not known.But the end result can be a cat with chronic vomiting, chronic diarrhea, weight loss, thingsof that nature. IBS has to be diagnosed by your veterinarian first, and once that's diagnosedthere are certain things that can be helped, or given to help IBS in cats. For one, antiinflammatoriescan help; either orally or by injection, over time, and not every cat requires somethinglike that. So that's one method of treating IBS. Number two is going to be dietary management.IBS cats never need to get lots of treats,

lots of different foods, things like that.Basically, IBS cats need to go on a hypoallergenic, or special foods that are die are are basicallydesigned to to have the body not recognize their proteins as well. And what I mean bythat is it's it's sort of like having an allergy. If your body can't recognize a protein thatyou're allergic to, then you're better off, and not going to react to that. So, your veterinarianshould help you also manage IBS, because it is a chronic condition.

Case Study 18 John Severe Sugar Cravings And IBS

Thanks for checking out my tutorial again. Thisis another case history. This is quite a personal one for me because it involves my father.I'm going to read this out to you from my book, Candida Crusher, and then we'll giveyou some narration after that. We'll talk a bit about it.My father bought several Candida books in the 1980s after suffering from digestive problemsfor many, many years. He had so many different examinations by bowel specialists, gastroenterologists,that I lost count. A family friend suggested he might have a bowel problem after watchinghim eat a whole pack of sweet biscuits one afternoon. But then again, Dad liked his cookies,ice cream, and many cups of coffee with several

sugars, and he continued to like sweet foodsright up until he died in 2004. His freezer was full of ice cream, and I found a few dozencans of sweetened condensed milk in his pantry and many packets of cookies there as well.In fact, I probably counted over 100 packets of cookies.His weight had bloomed to over 250 pounds and his height was 5 foot 11 inches. His bloodpressure was sky high at 190110 on occasion if his blood pressure was checked by a .Dad died of a massive stroke at the age of 72. Like any son, I love my dad, but I foundhe'd had a total lack of disregard for his diet. He simply ate whatever taste good, ashe used to put it. And when a person tells

me they like something that tastes good, itusually means it's something sweet. Dad continually had flatulence, bloating,and complained of all manner of bowel problems like constipation and diarrhea. The foodshe craved were always calling his name, as I put it, and he responded by consuming themin vast quantities. Dad was an emotional person who solved many problems by eating, and generally,the foods he would consume were sweet by nature. I couldn't help my dad. After all, he wasmy dad, and I've learned over the years not to give out health advice to friends or relationsthat were unsolicited. It almost always falls on deaf ears. I can only help those who cometo me asking for advice, and there's a commitment.

Usually people pay for that advice.Do you have any unresolved emotional issuesé Are you eating for emotional comforté I'vewritten many articles on emotional eating with people, and this can be at the root causeof a lot of eating disorders, binge eating, weight gain, can't lose weight. People ofteneat or drink a lot of alcohol because of the emotional hurt inside.Dad was remarkable. He had so many colonoscopies, endoscopies, CAT scans, xrays. He got pokedand prodded by so many s. And in the end, he basically said, quot;They're all nuts.They can't find what's wrong with me.quot; When, in fact, the problem was right in his ownhands all the time. It was a packet of cookies

or it might be a half a gallon of ice creamhe would eat for lunch one day. And he was always burping, bloating and farting. Fartinglike a horse at times, which he took great delight in.If you've got lots of bloating and farting, especially, this is the beginning of the endof your digestive system. Continual flatulence and bloating is a sign of massive fermentationdysbiosis. Flatulence is not a problem for most people in just a small amount of gaswe will pass. And generally, when you lie down, you have this, but some people fartconstantly. And when you've got these kind of problems, it signifies you've got the beginningof a serious bowel problem. Time to make some

changes.Have a think about this. What can you do if you've got this kind of a bowel problemé Areyou eating this kind of sugar; eating these kind of cookies and ice creamé This couldbe really at the root cause of your problem with Candida. Emotional addiction. Binge eatingfor the wrong kind of reasons. Have a think about it.Thanks for tuning in.

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