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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment by Ayurveda Real Testimonial

Hello Sir Hello Sir I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda center. Thank you Sir first of all, I would like to know your name. My name is Prav Prakash Sharma. Sir, from where have you comeé I came from Pinjore, District Panchkula.

Sir, What were your health related issues that made you to contact Vikram Chauhan. I was suffering from IBS since long time. For this reason I contacted Vikram Chauhan. Sir, How you came to know about Vikram Chauhané I was so much tired and fed up by this stomach disease. I consulted so many s regarding this, but I felt like that they are not able to get over this problem properly. So I started reading about this problem related to Stomach disease on YouTube and all going through this I saw 's Tutorial. And I came to know that I have IBS. So next day I took an appointment and consulted him and he told me that I have IBS.

He prescribed me medicine for 3 months but I still had doubt that it might be they are also doing an experiment on me. Then I took medicine for 1 month only and after 1 month. I got very good results and because of this I came for 2nd month and told me that I am in good condition now and I have to take medicine for 2nd month only not for third. Sir, for how many month you were suffering from this Diseaseé I started suffering from 2003 and from that time I am still suffering. Actually nobody was able to tell me what exactly is ité Everyone was explaining according to themselves, that it is a stomach problem or you are not taking your food properly and timely. So after coming here I got to know, what exactly is the problemé

Sir the treatment you are taking from Vikram Chauhan is still going on or has been finished. He recommended me medicines for 3 months but now when I started giving al results, he told me that there is no need for taking medicines for 3 months, you just complete your course for 2 months. It means you had medicines for just a month. Yes I had medicine for 1 month only. I also felt somewhere as that they would have earned money for 3 months but they completed my course in 2 months only. And that was also good point that I felt good to meet him. Sir, How much change are you able to see now. I am seeing a great change. If I tell you that if anyone doing study on this will actually know what exactly IBS is and what all problem you face from IBS.

Your whole life is in a fluctuating mode. There is fluctuation in your thought and you are not able to do anything properly and not even able to focus. The things you want to do you feel different for that on next day. All these things effect you in your life. Now I feel new energy in myself. Sir what all medicine Chauhan gave you for this treatment Yes I will show you theses medicines. He gave me Digestion Support which has to be taken two times a day after food, another is Pitta balance which is also taken 2 times a day after food. Another is Sanjeevani Vati that also taken 2 times and Parval Panchamrit and stop IBS all were given.

Sir many patients viewers are watching this Tutorial. Any message you would like to give them. My message is that never ignore any problem related to your body because if you are not physically well then even with your healthy mind you will not be able to do anything. Therefore you must study about any disease you are suffering from before any consultation. To reach right and right place is very necessary. As I am feeling now and I know that I have lost 15 years of my life and all the goals and aims I had decided got disturbed. Even being so much educated after such a long time I came to know that I had this Disease. will tell you all about. Everybody will tell you according to themselves. It was not like that I didn't consult the but the thing is that right guidance is very necessary.

Right side abdominal pain Pain in right side

right side abdominal pain Abdominal pain is a common symptom with manytypes of illness. Everyone will have experienced such pain at least once in their life. Thesepains may be localized in various areas, such as pain in the left, right or middle of thestomach. These pains can be due to a bacterial or viral infection in most cases, but in someinstances, it can be due to some other medical condition related to the abdominal area. Painin right side of the abdomen can be due to many conditions. As some types of pain can be severe and mayrelate to serious issues, it is important

to be aware of the symptoms and causes ofpain associated with such abdominal pains. Different Types of Abdominal Pain in the RightSide Appendicitis Pain in the right side of theabdomen is very commonly associated with appendicitis. The appendix is a three and half inch longtube of tissue which is an extension of the large intestine. A blockage in the appendixdue to an infection will cause appendicitis. As the appendix will swell as a result ofthe infection, it needs to be treated urgently before it ruptures. An appendectomy is theonly method of treatment for appendicitis and needs to be performed immediately upondiagnosis.

Gallstones Abdominal pain right side canalso be associated with gall stones. Stones which form in the gall bladder an organwhich stores bile that secretes from the liver are referred to as gall stones. There areseveral types of gall stone. These are cholesterol gall stones, and pigment gall stones suchas black or brown pigment. A cholesystectomy is the usual practise to get rid of gall stones. Ovarian cysts Pain of this nature can alsobe caused by ovarian cysts. Such cysts often form within an ovary and are one of the mainreasons for infertility in women. Ovarian cysts can also cause ovarian cancer. The cystscan be removed through a surgical procedure

known as a laparoscopy or laparotomy.

Can Stress Actually Kill You

In a busy world, with unending work and responsibilities piling up, stress can get to the best of us. But how bad is it for you reallyé Can stress actually kill youé From a biological perspective, stress makes perfect sense. If you're about to get chomped on by a bear, your stress hormones better kick your but into gear. But it turns out that your mortgage, unemployment, and looming exam all trigger the same stress response in your body. and, unlike most animals,

which experience a major decrease in these hormones, humans cant seem to find the quot;off switchquot;! Even though it's not life and death, our psychological blows consistently bathe our bodies in these hormones, making our heart pound, muscles tense, and stomach turn. In Japan, they have the term Karoshi, which literally translates to quot;death from overworkquot;. What is now deemed an overworking epidemic, these individuals who are seemingly healthy and in their prime, suddenly die.

After being officially recognized and documented in Japan, these sudden heart attacks and strokes were quickly linked to stress. But, how does stress cause thisé Cortisol is one of the main stress hormones which helps divert energy to where you need it and away from non essentials functions of the body. But with chronic stress exposure, problems arise. The immune system shuts down, inflammation is inhibited, white blood cells are reduced, and susceptibility to disease increases.

Some evidence also suggests that prolong stress may be involved in the development of cancer. When looking at the arteries of macaque monkeys, those under significant stress have more clogged arteries. This prevents blood from getting to the heart quickly during stress and can ultimately lead to heart attacks. The brain also takes a toll, when looking at mice exposed to stress, we see dramatically smaller brain cells with fewer branch extensions than normal mice. This is particularly prevalent in the areas associated with memory and learning. Which may stir up some memories for you of those wonderful all night study sessions;

the acute stress and sleep depravation can make it increasingly difficult to remember the things we want to. Perhaps the most telling story is in our DNA. We contain something called telomeres at the end of our chromosomes, which decrease in size with our age. Our tutorial on quot;Agingquot;, here, explains this process. Eventually, the telomeres run out, at which point the cell stops duplicating and dies. So, telomeres are directly related to aging and length of life. And it turns out, stress may actually accelerate the shortening of these telomeres. But not all hope is lost for the perpetually stressed.

Another hormone, oxytocin, has been shown to reduce this stress response. It helps our blood vessels relax and even regenerates the heart from stress related damage. So, how do we get more oxytociné It's sometimes dubbed the cuddle hormone, because it's released during positive social interactions and while caring for others. People who spend more time with others, create a buffer or resilience to stress. So when life gets the best of you, just remember, you dont have to go it alone. Spend some time with those you love it may just save your life. Got a burning question you want answeredé Ask it in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter.

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