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Kristen S on her Daughter AlexisPetit Mal Seizures

(Silent) (Interviewer) How did you hear about Jaudy, Kristené A colleague at work knew I was very concerned about my sevenyearold daughter, and he asked me if I was interested in other options. I said I'mwilling to take a look at anything, and so that's how I came to Jaudy's office. (Interviewer) You mentioned you were concerned about your daughter's condition. Can you say what is yourdaughter's condition,

and what you've been doingé My daughter's seven years old, and when she was in kindergarten her teacher brought me in, and said, I think she's having seizures. We went and had an EEG done. Sure enough, she did have seizures, but, for an eighteen month period, we had her on medication, and I had a funny feeling about itbecause nobody was really checking up on her. So I insisted on another EEG because I never saw the seizures in the first place. She did

not have grand mal seizures. She had what are considered absence seizures, meaning the child stares off into space and looks like they're havinga. in a hypnotic trance is what it is, and so I went in for another EEG aboutsix months ago, and they said that she was still having seizures. As a matter of fact, having quite a few seizures, which means the medication was failing,because this was the second medication. So, at this point they started talking tome about other options for her. I started doing my own research, andrealized that about the only thing they had to

offer me was probably another pill, orworse case scenario, brain surgery, and the thought of having my beautifulsevenyearold go under the knife was just not going to happen, so I started looking at every other option I possibly could, and that's how I came to see Jaudy. Well, first of all, they wouldn't give me a lot of answers,but being the way I am, I started doing my own research, you know.The world wide web can be a bad thing because sometimes we can know a littlebit more than we need to know. Now, when I did the research on thehemispherectomy, I'm probably going to say that wrong,

the gist of it is, they're going to take brain tissue out your child's brain, and considering that the brain hasfifty two different regions in it, when you remove one part of the brain, you really don't know how it's going to affect the other regions. Certainly, there's many people thatsupposedly have had success with this, and I'm sure that in a worstcasescenario, you know, there's times people have to do that, but to me, before I even had thatdiscussion, I wanted to try everything else,

because what I find, because I've been to a lot of sfor my kid, and once you get in the office, the train has left the tracks, and it's going in a certain direction,and they have a way of making you feel that this is the only option, and that as a mother, if you don'tpursue this option, you're negligent, and I just really wanted to make sure that I was taking a look at the big picture becauseit's very hard to not get really

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