Irritable Bowel Caused By Stress

Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS causes and treatment

so, you've got irritable bowel syndromewhat do you do about it nowé well anti spasmodic tablets that your can prescribe will help but an awful lot of this is downto you. You can make an enormous difference to your symptoms, maybe not get rid of them completely but certainly learn to manage them The first thing to think about is the stressin your life. I know it's really difficult to address stress,especially if you're feeling unwell at the same time

but it's a vicious cycle. If you're morestressed you get more symptoms if you've got more symptoms you can get morestressed. Take a long hard look at how you might be able to cut back the stress in your life. Next,let's think about diet and actually that can have an impact on stress as well really importantly eat regular meals. Don'trush, don't eat them on the go sit down to eat them regularly and try toeat at a leisurely pace, that really can make a difference. Missingmeals

can also make a big difference so tryand make time regularly. In terms of what you're eating at those meals, that also is key, andthat slightly depends on what kind of IBS you've got if diarrhoea if your big issue, you may wantto avoid fibre, and certainly limit fibre. If constipation is your big issue, some forms of fibre may really be able to help, but whateveryour symptoms are you may find that limiting the amount of fruit thatyou eat to maybe two or three pieces

a day, and eating certain kinds of fruit and vegetables will make a bigdifference. For instance fibre, we tend to think of as wholemeal this, high grain that, actually there are two kinds of fibre. One of them iscalled soluble fibre, and the people who have constipation related IBS, soluble fiber may be really useful. Sofor instance substituting oats for wheat and highgrain

foods, can make a big difference. Oats are really high in soluble fibre. Whatever you do, don'tsprinkle bran on your cereal or eat a high bran cereal for breakfast that's insoluble fiber that can makethings worse. other sources of soluble fibre mightinclude strawberries aubergines, broccoli and so on if you're going to have fruit, you maywant to take the skin off it because a lot of fruit including thingslike plums and pears

have soluble fibre, but they haveinsoluble fibre on the skin. It's kind of turning the usualrules about fibre on its head but see what works for you. Do make sureyou drink plenty of fluids but that's nonalcoholic, nonfizzy fluids and you may want to reduce the amount ofcaffeine you eat drink some people are very sensitive tocaffeine that's not just in coffee but also in tea and chocolate, just be aware. You may find

Are Women Too Stressed to Poop

For all the potty humor about how much boysfart and men spend most of their waking hours on the toilet, it's actually women who dealwith the majority of humans' poopy problems. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a, well, irritableconstellation of symptoms, including diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramping, bloating,pain, all of which have to last at least three months in order to be diagnosed. Speaking of diagnosed it is one of the mostcommonly diagnosed disorders in the United States, with up to 20% of American adultssuffering from it and of those American adults most IBS sufferers are women.

So why are gastrointestinal issues such agirl thingé Your guess is probably as good as your 'sbecause s don't even know what precisely causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome much lesswhy it's so much more common in women although they suspect it might have something to dowith our lady hormones like estrogen and progesterone since our symptoms tend to fluctuate overour menstrual cycles. But increasingly research into our entericnervous system is starting to suggest that women's disproportionate with our stomachsand poop in general might partly be all in our heads.

Anywhere from 5090% of people diagnosed withIrritable Bowel Syndrome also deal with psychiatric disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder,which I have, andor al depression, which has led s to think that it'sprobably because of our enteric nervous system that connects our brains to our bellies via100 million nerve cells running from our esophagus all the way to our anus. I'm so mature that I have to say anus ina funny voice. And in addition to controlling things likeswallowing, releasing digestive enzymes and pooping, our enteric nervous system also communicateshow we're feeling up here with how we're

feeling down there and vice versa. So there is a very valid reason as to whywe talk about having gut feelings and trusting our guts. For that reason it's probably no coincidencethat women are not only twice as likely to be diagnosed with IBS and three times likelierto deal with constipation compared to men, we're also two times likelier to be diagnosedwith anxiety andor depressive disorders. And for further evidence of this brainbellyfeedback loop, not only do our GI symptoms spike when we're super stressed out ouranxious about something, research has also

found that taking antidepressants, undergoingcognitive behavioral therapy, or just practicing basic stress management techniques can beextremely helpful for chilling out our upset tumtums. Which leads us to our final unanswered questionof which came first, women's anxious stomachs or our anxious brains.

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