Irritable Bowel Disease Probiotics

Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS causes and treatment

so, you've got irritable bowel syndromewhat do you do about it nowé well anti spasmodic tablets that your can prescribe will help but an awful lot of this is downto you. You can make an enormous difference to your symptoms, maybe not get rid of them completely but certainly learn to manage them The first thing to think about is the stressin your life. I know it's really difficult to address stress,especially if you're feeling unwell at the same time

but it's a vicious cycle. If you're morestressed you get more symptoms if you've got more symptoms you can get morestressed. Take a long hard look at how you might be able to cut back the stress in your life. Next,let's think about diet and actually that can have an impact on stress as well really importantly eat regular meals. Don'trush, don't eat them on the go sit down to eat them regularly and try toeat at a leisurely pace, that really can make a difference. Missingmeals

can also make a big difference so tryand make time regularly. In terms of what you're eating at those meals, that also is key, andthat slightly depends on what kind of IBS you've got if diarrhoea if your big issue, you may wantto avoid fibre, and certainly limit fibre. If constipation is your big issue, some forms of fibre may really be able to help, but whateveryour symptoms are you may find that limiting the amount of fruit thatyou eat to maybe two or three pieces

a day, and eating certain kinds of fruit and vegetables will make a bigdifference. For instance fibre, we tend to think of as wholemeal this, high grain that, actually there are two kinds of fibre. One of them iscalled soluble fibre, and the people who have constipation related IBS, soluble fiber may be really useful. Sofor instance substituting oats for wheat and highgrain

foods, can make a big difference. Oats are really high in soluble fibre. Whatever you do, don'tsprinkle bran on your cereal or eat a high bran cereal for breakfast that's insoluble fiber that can makethings worse. other sources of soluble fibre mightinclude strawberries aubergines, broccoli and so on if you're going to have fruit, you maywant to take the skin off it because a lot of fruit including thingslike plums and pears

have soluble fibre, but they haveinsoluble fibre on the skin. It's kind of turning the usualrules about fibre on its head but see what works for you. Do make sureyou drink plenty of fluids but that's nonalcoholic, nonfizzy fluids and you may want to reduce the amount ofcaffeine you eat drink some people are very sensitive tocaffeine that's not just in coffee but also in tea and chocolate, just be aware. You may find

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Friendly Gut Flora Probiotics Supplements

after working with my patients for close to fifteen years as a naturopathic i've come to realize that most if notall digestive issues and problems with the immune system not being optimal havea lot to do with the balance or imbalance that we find in our digestivetracts between the good guys the probiotics andthe bad guys the bad bacteria so what you are getting with the vita tree probiotics isn't army of good guys to fight off those bad guys and alldemonstrate exactly what that looks like so in a unhealthy digestive tractwhat happens is that unfortunately a lot

of the bad bacteria and we do have inour system starts to crowd the area in the intestines and really not enough ofthe good guys the probiotics now if we take a look at it healthier intestinal tract we can see a lot of the probiotic seizesthe good healthy friendly flora that in your vita tree probiotics are humancompatible microflora which is very important because most of the probioticson the market are actually made from the cow bacteria so you want to make sure that this is made for your human digestive tract

and that's exactly what you're gettingwith the vita tree probiotic so you can see in a healthy intestinal tractthen we have a lot of the good guys a lot of the healthy probiotics and whenthe bad guys try to get in their they can't because the crowded out by thegood probiotics with vita tree probiotics all you have todo is take two capsules per day it's so easy i do recommend and you're takingthis within the meal and you can certainly open up the capsand into your mouth the reason for this the probiotics start in the oral cavity so this can really help with

dental infections and keeping the gunshealthy so you are getting voted army of good guys the friendly fora so they can go in the digestive tract so this can really help with adjustedissues whether it's irritable bowel syndrome constipation diarrhea krone's colitis as well as anyof those issues with the immune system so anchor you to try the vita tree probiotics you're gonna love it is two capsules per day

the probiotics from vita tree alsowonderful for children from the age one and above just two capsules per day youcan certainly open up the capsules into their mouths and iit taste sweet and that's because theycontain the for till they cause factor eyes are s_o_s_ this is called a prebiotic which allows those probiotics to growing to propagate within theintestinal tract so just two capsules per day you're gonnalove it.

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