Irritable Bowel Syndrome After Hemorrhoid Surgery

Cat Health Care Tips How to Manage a Cats Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Let's talk about managing your cat with inflammatorybowel syndrome, or IBS. IBS is quite common in cats actually. They can react to foods,environment, all sorts of things, and and the underlying cause sometimes is not known.But the end result can be a cat with chronic vomiting, chronic diarrhea, weight loss, thingsof that nature. IBS has to be diagnosed by your veterinarian first, and once that's diagnosedthere are certain things that can be helped, or given to help IBS in cats. For one, antiinflammatoriescan help; either orally or by injection, over time, and not every cat requires somethinglike that. So that's one method of treating IBS. Number two is going to be dietary management.IBS cats never need to get lots of treats,

lots of different foods, things like that.Basically, IBS cats need to go on a hypoallergenic, or special foods that are die are are basicallydesigned to to have the body not recognize their proteins as well. And what I mean bythat is it's it's sort of like having an allergy. If your body can't recognize a protein thatyou're allergic to, then you're better off, and not going to react to that. So, your veterinarianshould help you also manage IBS, because it is a chronic condition.

Constipation Pain

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How to Empty Your Bowels Without Straining

Hi, my name's Michelle Kenway, and welcometo Pelvic Exercises. Today I'd like to teach you how to empty yourbowels without straining. Couple of components to this addressing really good posture,and really good technique so that you don't stain through your pelvic floor when you emptyyour bowels. All right, first of all let's set up our posture.So, sitting on a chair at home to practice, what I want you to do is take your legs apartfeet are flat on the ground. Now I want you to incline forward and rest your hands onyour knees or your thighs in that position. You can see that I've got an inward curvein my back and that's very important for making

sure that I empty my bowel fully. So thisis my nice position: feet apart, also legs apart, feet are flat, leaning myself forward,upper body fully supported on my thighs. Now, let's get down to the technique.There's two parts to this technique. It's called a brace and bulge technique. Now whenyou brace, bracing means to make your waist wide and this is where your pushing powercomes from your bowel movement. If you put your hands onto your sides, if you say Mmmm. Mmmmm, you'll find that your sides move wide. The pushing comes from your diaphragmmoving down rather than pushing down through your bottom to empty your bowels, so.Thesound is Mmmm and the action is hands

will go wide. Have you got thaté Try again.Mmmmm and feel your sides go wide. Now the second part of this is to make yourbelly move forward. When you lower your abdomen forward, it actually releases helps to releaseand open up your anal sphincter, to allow that bowel movement to move out. So the actionis: bulging forward and if you say Oooo, you can bulge that abdomen forward. (You mightsee it better sideon.) So if you say Oooooo, abdomen bulges forward and you'll releaseand let go that anal sphincter. So let's put that all together, two parts.Mmmm and make your waist wide and Ooooo so that sound is Mmmooooo. I tryto visualize myself into a barrel, in that

my waist is going wide and my abdomen is bulgingforward in that process, as I'm supporting my upper body. If you need to continue feelingwhether your muscles are working, you can lean forward with one hand wrapped aroundyour middle, to feel that those muscles are still bracing and bulging.So let's try that all together one last time. I'll come sideon, so: Address your posture.Legs are wide. Leaning yourself forward and here we go. So we're going to go a Mmmm,waist wide. Oooo, bulge your tummy forward, keep bulging, keep bulging, keep bulging,if you need to push any further, make your waist wide further and slowly relax atthe end of the movement and at the end

of the movement, drawing up through your backpassage, pelvic floor muscles lifting your pelvic floor muscles back into their originalresting length. So, what have we gone through todayé We'vegone through a brace and bulge technique that will help you to empty your bowels withoutstraining. So, I hope that helps you to keep a healthy pelvic floor and goodbye for today.

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