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Home Remedies For Stomach Ache II II

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Ms.Indrani Banerjee from Kolkata . She has written that she often had stomach ache. And , she is asking for the remedy which she can use at her home because I am unable to go out normally Ms. Indrani, we have end no of things available in our kitchen for stomach ache if you will use them, then not only it requires you to go to any in fact it won't even require you to purchase any medicine. What you have to doé First of all you must understand that why you have stomach ache

See, the major reason behind stomach ache is your eating habits that what are you eatingé Now a days which is popular people use to get attracted towards fast food People who eats most of deep fried food at home like At home they make Gujiya and many other fried food In in fact in India if I talk about breakfast then there are hardly any which is not deep fried. Either they are Samosa, Vada or Bhajia So, first of all .Correction is required in eating habits Along with this take care of one more thing, one of the major reason of stomach ache is that's because of dinner, often people take dinner very late

You must take your dinner between 810 pm in the night at any cost. Ideally you should take your dinner after 1 hour of sunset. And if you consume the milk by adding some turmeric in it then , in case you won't get the problem of stomach ache Along with this doing some exercise is equally important, because if you want to escape from this Because most of the disease of the body is related with stomach So, if you want to get rid of stomach ache then you must do exercise Do exercise, walking, jogging or swimming.

Do any type of exercise but doing exercise for 12 hour is very much necessary, Do aerobics Do whatever, which you find is easy. Do some pranayam If you will do all of this then definitely you wont have any stomach related problem Now remedies ! which are available in your kitchen Take 2 spoon of cumin 2 spoon of carom seeds. roast them a bit Roast them for 30 seconds and grind them to a fine powder Now mix 12 spoon of this powder into 1 spoon of lemon juice take this 34 times in a day

problem of your stomach ache will be disappear Along with this take pomegranate Mixing some black salt black pepper in pomegranate eating this also helps into get relief in stomach ache. And in case you are having stomach ache due to gas just like you can understand that you are feeling gastric or its increasing then you can do one thing, soda is available at home if you will drink 1 glass of water by mixing 14 spoon of soda in it then you will get relief in the stomach ache due to gas

there is one more remedy which is very good take 1 spoon of ginger juice mix 2 spoon of lemon juice in it and just consume this, with this also you will have good and instant relief in stomach ache Along with this let me tell you some application, that what all you can apply. Take some Asafoetida And mix asafetida in some water and make a kind of paste of it In 12 spoon of water, add 14 spoon of asafetida and make a paste kind of and if you will apply this waterpaste around your belly button specifically if kids are having stomach ache

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