Is Fiber Bad For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Cat Health Care Tips How to Manage a Cats Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Let's talk about managing your cat with inflammatorybowel syndrome, or IBS. IBS is quite common in cats actually. They can react to foods,environment, all sorts of things, and and the underlying cause sometimes is not known.But the end result can be a cat with chronic vomiting, chronic diarrhea, weight loss, thingsof that nature. IBS has to be diagnosed by your veterinarian first, and once that's diagnosedthere are certain things that can be helped, or given to help IBS in cats. For one, antiinflammatoriescan help; either orally or by injection, over time, and not every cat requires somethinglike that. So that's one method of treating IBS. Number two is going to be dietary management.IBS cats never need to get lots of treats,

lots of different foods, things like that.Basically, IBS cats need to go on a hypoallergenic, or special foods that are die are are basicallydesigned to to have the body not recognize their proteins as well. And what I mean bythat is it's it's sort of like having an allergy. If your body can't recognize a protein thatyou're allergic to, then you're better off, and not going to react to that. So, your veterinarianshould help you also manage IBS, because it is a chronic condition.

Constipation How To Relief Constipation Naturally VitaLife Show Episode 129

Welcome to the VitaLife show. I'm Janine Bowring and thank you for joining me today and Ihope that you subscribe to our channel for the Vitalife show We're always putting out new healthinformation all about how to get healthy from the inside out using natural thingsthat you can do at home from your own kitchen

dietary changes lifestyle changeshealthy supplementation from a whole food source and that's what we're all about sothanks for joining me today. Today's topic is all about how to cureconstipation now is estimated that at least seventypercent of all Americans are constipated and have a toxic waste area building up in their intestines andthis is not surprising because most of disease processes that

I say as a naturopathic arerelated to this toxicity in the gut so it's really important thatwhatever food you are ingesting that is moving through the digestive tract efficiently effectively not only thatyou are absorbing nutrients from your food but also that the waste is movingthrough in a timely manner and for so many men and women it justdoes not children as well this is a chronicproblem a lot of kids are basically

born constipated are having an uphill battle there arechronically fighting this toxicity issue so I'm going to share a massage techniquein a few moments so stay tuned for that exactly how to relieve constipation by what I want to do with to really takea look at your diet because if you don't have in this is true for the kids aswell if they don't have enough fresh fruitsand vegetables enough

essential fiber now fiber comes in twoforms: soluable and insoluble, fibre is so important forhelping to trap those toxins and in the digestive tract balking up thistool in helping to move it through smoothly so if you're if you're eating a lot offast food and not a lot of fresh Whole Foods then what happens is thatyou are very deficient in fiber and this causes that toxicity affect in the intestine so that's really importantit's also important to really

increase the fluid in your diet becauseyou want to keep lubricated and for all my patients thathave constipation issue I do recommend that they have 10 hot cups of water per day so this isn'ttea this isn't coffee this is plain hot water youcan squeeze a little bit of fresh lemon juice into that and this helps as well to getthe digestive juices going helps to detoxify the liver but it's thehot water causes that nice contraction

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