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What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS

Well Irritable Bowel Syndrome is really nota disease in itself its a description of multiple symptoms that when put together are a syndromethat are often will cause symptoms in both men, women, and children. It is very commonbut thankfully life threatening in anyway. The symptoms can be varied but the most commonones would include things like bloating, distension, abdominal pain, alternating both diarrheaand constipation. These symptoms could be very concerning for patients and can reallylimit their life style but once again its really not life threatening. It's a descriptionof really the neural impulses that colon in particular is receiving and if you think ofit as almost like a fray ends of an electrical

wire there is increased amounts of impulsesthat are irritation the colon and the colon walls and the muscular track and is believedto cause spasm and often that's what creates the sensation of bloating, gas, and abdominalpain. IBS is a life long syndrome and not a life threatening syndrome and patients typicallywill have symptoms that come and go and sometimes exacerbated by types of stress or emotionalchanges. Thank you for choosing Saint Peter's.

The 1200 Increase in my Prescription Drug Costs

Good morning, John. I'm a little bit pissedoff right now. Ok, I'm very pissed off and one of the only things that makes me feelbetter when I'm very pissed off is to reorganize my bookshelf, so I'm gonna do that right nowwhile I hopefully as calmly as possible explain to you why I'm so pissed off. Ok, so for those of you who don't know, Ihave a disease. It's a chronic illness, no known cure for it, it's called ulcerativecolitis and it has a whole bunch of horrible symptoms that you do not want me to explainto you. If you really want to know you can google it, but you probably just take my wordfor it. There's a medicine for ulcerative

colitis, it's called Asacol. I've been takingit for like five years. So the price of Asacol kept going up and up and up and then a newdrug came on the market called Apriso and Apriso was basically the same drug for significantlycheaper. So I switched from Asacol to Apriso. And then, very soon after I switched, thecompany that made Asacol created a new drug called Asacol HD.(By the way, beautiful bookshelf all done.) And they said to everybody, quot;Hey! Asacol HDis back, it's out, it's just in time for Asacol to go generic and it's even better than Asacol.It's basically the exact same thing but we can call it something different enough thatwe can extend our patent. And the kicker is

Asacol used to be three hundred dollars amonth this is only gonna be fifty dollars a month!quot; And I was, of course, ecstatic. And so for the last three months I've beenon the same medication. It's been great, I love it, I got my auto refill all worked outat the pharmacy so I walk in the pharmacy, I don't even have to call beforehand, andthey get it ready for me and she's like quot;I got some news for you. I'm afraid that theprice of this drug has gone up.quot; And I'm like, quot;That's not a big deal, it used to be threehundred dollars and now it's only fifty. How much could it have gone upéquot; These numbersright hereé That's how much it's gone up.

Only six hundred and twenty for me. Twelvehundred percent increase in one month! So this is the patient savings card that letsme get Asacol for fifty dollars a month. So I'm thinking maybe there's something I missedon the card, and there is. There's an expiration date April 1st, 2011. Which is funny, fora couple of reasons. One, because obviously, ah, this card expired before April 1st, 2011.Second, April 1st, 2011 is April Fools Day. So they're just playing a little joke on us!Playing a little joke on all the people who rely on their medication to not have horrible,painful lives. So this thing that the pharmacist gave mehas a 1800 number I can call. I call the

1800 number and it says, quot;I'm sorry. Dueto larger than usual call volume, you may have an extremely long wait. Would you liketo leave a message and one of our representatives will get back to you ASAPéquot; And so I was like,quot;Fine, I'll leave a message.quot; The answering machine thing said quot;We're sorry, the mailboxyou have called is currently full.quot; You know what the number should doé You should calland it'll be an automated message saying, quot;Hello! Thank you for calling. We don't care.quot; So yeah, I'm pissed off and I can afford it.And I have extra medication left over. Think of all the people who can't afford it anddon't have extra medication left over. What

are those people going to doé Why is thisoké There's no reason the price of medication should go up. It's the same medication thatthey've been making for twenty years. They didn't try to contact my so that wecould work something out before the colossal twelve hundred percent increase in the costof the medication. And the listed expiration date on the patient savings card, April FoolsDay, was obviously just made up for fun. I'm pissed off enough that I spent a goodpart of this weekend searching for ways to contact Warner Chilcott. Warner Chilcott beingthe company that makes this medication. And I managed, through the magic of the internetand some investigative techniques to find

The Unbelievably Hilarious Amy Schumer

Why don't you move here, andthen you'd have a bigger placeé Do you like it hereé ButsighsI mean, I don't fit in herejust straight up body type. Like, in L.A.,my arms register as legs. They're just likelaughter laughter They're like,quot;Why is that octopus on Sunsetéquot;

quot;Is thatquot;laughter It's notit's not for me out here. Noé It's not, no. But Iyou know. What do you do whenyou're hereé I cry.I just sit in my room. laughterBawling. No, I

Well, last time I was here,right from the show, I got courtside ticketsto a Laker game. That's fun. Yeah, 'cause my my business agent thoughtI was mad at him for sexually harassing me. Well But no, I'm 33, so I'm just starting to reallyappreciate that, you know what I meané I see, I see.

Well, it's true.I can't speak for everyone. I'm not likequot;Sexually harassquot; but, in your 20s,I feel like you walk around like you'll walk pasta construction site, and be kind of like,quot;Oh, don't lookquot; But then, in your 30s, you know,I'm just like, quot;What about thiséquot;laughter quot;Like, how aboutquot;laughter

It's like my skirt's overmy head. I'm like, quot;Aah.quot;laughter They're like, quot;We're eating.quot; But, uhlaughter laughter It changes, it really does. It changes, soSo I got courtside seats, whichyou've sat courtsideat a game, righté

I have, yeah. I thoughtI went I thought it would befree booze. Um.laughter It's not, it's not.laughter I guess you have to be onthe team to get free booze. So. laughs I go, I get randomly seatednext to Dianna Agron. You know, the actress.She was on quot;Glee.quot;

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