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The Unbelievably Hilarious Amy Schumer

Why don't you move here, andthen you'd have a bigger placeé Do you like it hereé ButsighsI mean, I don't fit in herejust straight up body type. Like, in L.A.,my arms register as legs. They're just likelaughter laughter They're like,quot;Why is that octopus on Sunsetéquot;

quot;Is thatquot;laughter It's notit's not for me out here. Noé It's not, no. But Iyou know. What do you do whenyou're hereé I cry.I just sit in my room. laughterBawling. No, I

Well, last time I was here,right from the show, I got courtside ticketsto a Laker game. That's fun. Yeah, 'cause my my business agent thoughtI was mad at him for sexually harassing me. Well But no, I'm 33, so I'm just starting to reallyappreciate that, you know what I meané I see, I see.

Well, it's true.I can't speak for everyone. I'm not likequot;Sexually harassquot; but, in your 20s,I feel like you walk around like you'll walk pasta construction site, and be kind of like,quot;Oh, don't lookquot; But then, in your 30s, you know,I'm just like, quot;What about thiséquot;laughter quot;Like, how aboutquot;laughter

It's like my skirt's overmy head. I'm like, quot;Aah.quot;laughter They're like, quot;We're eating.quot; But, uhlaughter laughter It changes, it really does. It changes, soSo I got courtside seats, whichyou've sat courtsideat a game, righté

I have, yeah. I thoughtI went I thought it would befree booze. Um.laughter It's not, it's not.laughter I guess you have to be onthe team to get free booze. So. laughs I go, I get randomly seatednext to Dianna Agron. You know, the actress.She was on quot;Glee.quot;

Flu Flu Vaccine What you need to know

firstly the flu vaccine is not a livevaccine. That means it doesn't contain any live viruses, that means those viruses can't multiply and that means that they cannot giveyou Flu. The flu vaccine is there to prime your immune system, to make yourimmune system believe it has been attacked so if you get the real thing you, you won't get real flu consequently you will get side effectsand sometimes those side effects

might be pain where you've had the immunisation, it might be fever, it might be feeling a little bit achey it is nothing like as bad as flu, and that's where the second reason comes in. lots of people talk about having quot;a touchof fluquot; there is no such thing as quot;a touch of fluquot; but lot ofpeople believe that common coughs and colds are quot;fluquot; itis not the same as having real flu when you have a very very high tempeverything all over your body aches. The third reason that I think that people

worry about flu vaccines is that they hear so much in the media. They hear other people talk about it but of course, we give the flu vaccine justabout the time people coming down with lots of coughs and colds anyway some of the other myths of course relate to pregnancy, a lot of women these days are invited because they're all invited pregnant have the flu vaccine at any stageof pregnancy a lot of woman will worry that it may harmthe baby, but there is no evidence

that it does what's really important isthat now that many millions of women worldwide have had it, we now have a major study looking at pregnant women getting the flu vaccine and there is very good evidence that it increases the likelihood that you end up with a healthy baby. The groups of people we give flu vaccines to are anybody over the age of 65 because as you get older even if you'venever had flu before, your immune system isn't quite as effective as it used tobe

and therefore you're more likely not just to get flu but more importantly to get complications. So over 65, people with longterm conditions, (likediabetes, heart disease lung disease, liver disease and so on) aremore likely to get complications. Those are the peoplewe're protecting with the flu vaccine. We're alsoprotecting anyone who's a carer for an older person, or a fulltimecarer for someone who has disabilities, to keep them on their feet

so they can keep looking after that person.

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