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Cat Health Care Tips How to Manage a Cats Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Let's talk about managing your cat with inflammatorybowel syndrome, or IBS. IBS is quite common in cats actually. They can react to foods,environment, all sorts of things, and and the underlying cause sometimes is not known.But the end result can be a cat with chronic vomiting, chronic diarrhea, weight loss, thingsof that nature. IBS has to be diagnosed by your veterinarian first, and once that's diagnosedthere are certain things that can be helped, or given to help IBS in cats. For one, antiinflammatoriescan help; either orally or by injection, over time, and not every cat requires somethinglike that. So that's one method of treating IBS. Number two is going to be dietary management.IBS cats never need to get lots of treats,

lots of different foods, things like that.Basically, IBS cats need to go on a hypoallergenic, or special foods that are die are are basicallydesigned to to have the body not recognize their proteins as well. And what I mean bythat is it's it's sort of like having an allergy. If your body can't recognize a protein thatyou're allergic to, then you're better off, and not going to react to that. So, your veterinarianshould help you also manage IBS, because it is a chronic condition.

IBS What is it and How is it Effectively Treated

Hi, it's Mark from Top Local Lead Generation.We're here with John Pidutti of Springs Eternal Health in Vancouver. How areyou doing today Johné John: Good Mark, thanks for having me.Mark: So we're going to talk about IBS. What is IBSéJohn: That's a good question. IBS is a difficult one to pin down because it's a diagnosisof exclusion. It's basically you have these symptoms, we don't know exactly what itis, what's causing it so you get diagnosed and lump it in, it's IBS and it can be allkinds of symptoms, the list goes on and on and on but if you have it you know what theyare. It's an interesting thing because about

30 percent of the population actually doeshave IBS and it may even be more because it's something a lot of people don't talk about.Mark: So what have you found to be the main causeéJohn: The main is something that it so elegantly simple and yet complex at the same time andit's taken years of al practice to understand these three main factors that I'vediscovered but the magic is really in discovering the root cause so I'm just going to hopover to screen share with you guys and show you what I've discovered is, if we can balancethese three things and I like to keep it really simple – you can see that MarkéMark: I can see it.

John: Good. So with Irritable Bowel Syndromethere's the gut microorganisms, they call them the microflora, microbiota and when thoseguys are out of balance they cause all kinds of irritation and that irritation in yourgut is what triggers a lot of problems within the nervous system of your gut and the nervoussystem gets hyper reactive; it starts reacting to any irritation from bugs, irritation fromfood and then that can trigger an inflammatory response either through the nervous systemor the bugs can trigger off this inflammatory response and when the immune system gets irritatedthat just makes the nervous system more irritated and they start playing off each other. Everythinggets hyped up and so your gut just gets so

irritable and reactive and then you get allthe symptoms of IBS. So it's simple. Now the trick is in figuring out how to balanceall those but when you balance those three, it's amazing what happens.Mark: So how does someone discover what the main cause is for themselveséJohn: Yes so in this it's really about testing. If you can get tested it takes all the guessworkout. So many people have tried so many different treatments, you know from the health foodstores or they see an ad and I tried maybe some probiotics or I've tried changing thisup, changing my diet and this thing and in the end if you know exactly what you'reup against you can make a very specific focus

program and the results are a world of difference.So in my practice I have found that if we can figure out the main game changer, whatwe'll call it is when you can actually test the bugs, figure out how out of balance thebugs are and then you can figure out what's coming down the pike that might be irritatingeverything so the combo of those two makes everything, it's a home run. Figure outthe bugs, figure out what's coming down the pipe that irritates and then we can alsolook at the gut nerves and if we can figure out that, it changes everything for peopleso in the end it's really how you can know for yourself is you need to get tested andyou just need to get to the root cause.

Mark: So can you give an example of how youtreat this in your officeé John: Let me just pop out of this screen share.So yes, most of the people come in to our office for IBS, it's basically, they haveall the symptoms and they've tried all kinds of treatments, they've done all kind ofpractitioners, some people are new and just discovered they have it but ultimately they'rehaving these symptoms and they're trying things and it's not working. So an exampleof this is a patient, well just to back up, just so you know about me I love a holisticapproach, I like to look at the whole person and treat the whole, you know, every aspectthat we can and so an example is a patient

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